At InsureSign, we are 100-percent focused on you. 

We’re never too busy to answer your questions or provide guidance, and it’s easy for our customers to access us any time via phone or email.  We pride ourselves on our small-business approach to customer service, and ensuring our customers don’t waste time getting help or answers.

We understand businesses’ needs for speed, simplicity and security.

Joe Floyd, a veteran creator of software, started InsureSign.  Joe sought to create an e-signature solution that met rigorous security standards while ensuring the software was so easy to use that any professional (no matter how unfamiliar with technology) could quickly use it. 

Now, several years later, InsureSign is trusted by thousands of companies across a wide variety of industries, each enjoying the combined benefits of affordability, simplicity, security and service.

We’re constantly working on making the lives of our customers easier. 

We communicate with our customers frequently, even occasionally picking up the phone to make sure they’re happy.  Our customers often give us great ideas for product evolutions, which we incorporate into our constant efforts to offer a better tool to service their ever-changing needs. 

We’re the perfect partner for companies of all sizes. 

From being the e-signature solution for 10 percent of the top 100 insurance agencies in the country to servicing one-person businesses, InsureSign is designed to help companies of all sizes move faster.  Whether your company sends out thousands of documents each month for signing – or just a handful – you’ll still find that InsureSign saves you time and money.