About Us

At InsureSign, we are 100-percent focused on you, the insurance agent.

We Know Insurance Agents’ Needs Because We’re Industry Veterans
Joe Floyd, a veteran in the insurance industry, started InsureSign. A former insurance agent himself, Joe and his team have spent the last decade developing software for the industry. All of InsureSign’s complementing features are sourced from insurance agents like you who regularly share their evolving needs with us

We are the Only e-Sign Partner Specific to Insurance Agents
Unlike other e-signature providers, we don’t offer a “one-size-fits-all” solution across all industries. Every one of InsureSign’s features is designed only with your needs in mind.

We Pride Ourselves on Our Small-Business Approach to Customer Service
We’re always easy to access on the phone or via email. We’re never too busy to answer your questions or help you. And we’re constantly working to be a better tool for you, so we appreciate your ideas on how we can better service your needs.

We Want to Be Easily Accessible to All Agents
InsureSign is a more affordable solution for growing sales, and we keep it that way because we want to help all agents – from the smallest independent to the largest agency – close deals in minutes. InsureSign can help level the playing field between local independent agents and large, technologically advanced agencies, allowing independents to sell outside of their local area.

We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to help you close deals in minutes from anywhere.

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