5 Things We Love About InsureSign’s First 5 Years

5th BirthdayHAPPY BIRTHDAY to us! InsureSign is now in its fifth incredible year of providing an easy-to-use e-signature solution for insurance agencies. This milestone has us reminiscing and reflecting on all of the happenings from the day we first opened our doors until today, and it’s brought back so many great memories. While it’s hard to play favorites, here are the five things the InsureSign team has loved most about our first five years:

  1. Helping people save time. Over the years, we have helped insurance professionals close countless deals in mere minutes from anywhere. For InsureSign customers, there’s no more scanning, printing, faxing and waiting days – or possibly even weeks – for documents to be returned. And we’re happy to be a part of helping our customers save their customers time too, allowing them to sign documents in minutes on any device.
  2. Making document signing worry-free. Every document signed with InsureSign has a complete audit trail, so it’s easy to tell where a document has been and when. That means no more concerns about a document holding up in court. E-signed documents also don’t carry the same risks as paper documents when it comes to being lost or destroyed. Our team really loves eliminating those worries for our customers.
  3. Saving agencies money. It’s hard not to like saving people money, which is why this had to be on our five-year favorites list. Over the years, InsureSign has helped insurance agencies save money on pricey paper-signing processes and supplies, including paper, printer ink, couriers, certified mail delivery and paper file management.
  4. Helping agencies go green. Eliminating the paper and printer ink associated with paper-signing isn’t just cost-effective, it’s eco-friendly too. InsureSign is proud to be a part of insurance agencies’ efforts to go green, allowing them to reduce waste, consume fewer resources and cut back on documents being transported by gas-guzzling vehicles.
  5. Our amazing customers. Talking about InsureSign’s first five years wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our incredible customers. We have been so fortunate to establish some wonderful friendships along the way. And we are so grateful to all of our customers who have given us feedback on InsureSign, helping us to improve our solution and making it the best e-signature software for insurance agencies.

From the entire InsureSign team to all our thousands of customers, thank you for a fabulous first five years! And here’s to many more years of e-signature innovations!