General Overview

What makes InsureSign different from other e-signature solutions?

InsureSign is the easiest way to get documents signed.  Not only is our e-signature solution more affordable, it’s secure and so simple to use that you and your customers will say, “Wow, that’s easy!”  We also offer to personally train every new customer, and we’re proud of our hands-on approach to service. 

Is InsureSign secure?

With InsureSign, there’s no need to worry about private documents being seen by the wrong individuals or being destroyed. Our e-signed documents are tamper-proof, securely transmitted and have a complete audit trail.

  • All communications on the site, and all documents that are e-mailed are encrypted with full AES 256-bit SSL security (the same technology used in banking transactions).
  • Your account and all your documents are password protected, and no one can access your data unless you grant them permission.
  • All passwords and account data are encrypted with RSA keys.
  • The data servers are housed in state-of-the art SAS 70 Type II secured datacenters with redundant power and internet connectivity.

Are InsureSign’s e-signatures legally binding?

Yes, the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN Act) gives the same legal weight to our e-signatures as those signed with pen and paper.  

How does InsureSign help me save time?

We know following up with your customers about unsigned documents takes time, so we’ve designed InsureSign so you can see, at a glance, who’s viewed the documents, whether they’ve been signed or not, and schedule automated follow-ups.

Also, with InsureSign, you’ll never have to deal with incomplete forms ever again. It’s impossible for your customers to submit the documents if they’ve missed even one signature field. 

Plus, you’ll save time by never again dealing with the tedious tasks of printing, faxing and scanning documents for signing. Sending off documents and securing signatures can take mere minutes with InsureSign!

Getting Started

How long does it take to set up my first document for e-signing?

Setting up your first document is simple and takes just one minute. You simply drag and drop e-signature fields where you need them, and then the document is ready to go!

How do I turn my documents into ones that can be signed via InsureSign?

With InsureSign’s web-based e-signature software, you simply upload a document – of any file type – you’d like to get signed. Then you can instantly drag and drop signature fields on top of the document. You can also prepare documents for signing by downloading InsureSign’s virtual printer (available upon request).

Does the person signing need to download any software to sign a document?

No additional software or downloads are needed, it’s very easy for your customers to sign from anywhere at any time. Your customer simply opens an email or text from you, signs and submits.

Does InsureSign provide me with training?

Yes, we’re proud of our hands-on and “white glove” approach to customer service. Once you’ve set up your account, one of our customer service representatives will call you.

Software Features

Does InsureSign store my signed documents?

Yes, every e-signed document is stored in your private account in our Tier 1 secured datacenter. Access and retrieval is easy at any time. Each document is saved with a complete audit trail that details who signed – and when.

Can I send more than one document at a time to my customer for signing?

Yes, you can send multiple documents at once. No need to send each document individually. 

Can I add more users?

Yes, adding more users is fast and easy. Admins simply go to “Settings,” click on “Team Settings” and then “My Team.” Step-by- step guide here: with-insuresign/adding- users

Can I create a template to be used by everyone in my office?

Yes, creating templates is easy! Once a template has been created, all office employees with an InsureSign account can access the shared templates. Instead of wasting time recreating commonly used forms, these stored templates are easily accessed.


How much does InsureSign cost?

You’ll pay as low as $15.95/month per user, depending on your billing plan.

Am I locked into a long-term contract with InsureSign?

No, we make it easy and risk-free for you to use our e-signature software with no long-term contract.


Is InsureSign available to both Mac and PC users?

Yes, InsureSign’s web-based software is available and accessible from anywhere on any computer. InsureSign also offers a “Virtual Printer” to Mac and PC users as an additional, offline way to prep documents for signing.

Does this work on a terminal server/Citrix environment?

We have tons of users who use our software with remote servers, both within and outside the server environment. It works great either way. Contact support if you have specific questions.

Is InsureSign HIPAA compliant?

Our servers, policies, and practices are in accordance with HIPAA regulations. We are currently working with an auditing agency to certify our HIPAA compliance, and hope to be able to announce our certification soon.