Beyond eSignatures: 3 Tips for Going Paperless

Beyond eSignaturesDid you know that the term “paperless office” has been around for nearly 50 years? Business owners and employees alike have been dreaming of a paper-free office ever since, but for many, it’s more myth than reality. At InsureSign, we’re proud to have helped many insurance agencies make major strides in their paperless efforts by eliminating printing, faxing and scanning paperwork for signing (along with all the extra hours that process takes). In addition to switching to eSignatures, here are three tips to help you in your “paper-free” journey.

  1. Prevent paper from coming in. One of the easiest ways to reduce paper in your agency is to stop it from showing up in your mailbox or at your doorstep in the first place. Sign up for electronic statements from vendors that allow this option, opt out of junk mail and cancel catalog and magazine subscriptions for publications that go unread. Though a simple solution, you might be surprised by the difference it makes.
  2. Handle incoming paper quickly. To eliminate stacks of paper cluttering desks and other office surfaces, make it a rule that every piece of paper is resolved upon first touch. Whether that’s through scanning, recycling or routing to someone else in the office for resolution, don’t allow paper to linger in piles. This can also help you see where most of your paper ends up, so you can adjust other paper-reducing processes as you see trends.
  3. Set a date. Going paperless is often seen as a “one of these days” goal. If you’re serious about making the switch, create a timeline that outlines when certain processes will change. Be sure to set deadlines that aren’t overly ambitious so everyone involved – both inside and outside your agency – has time to adopt new processes and technologies without disrupting daily business.

Have you made the move toward paperless in your agency? Tell us, what’s your biggest tip for other agencies looking to do the same?