How to use InsureSign’s new integration with Applied Epic

Good news for Applied Epic users: the signing process just got easier. InsureSign, the simple e-signing software trusted by thousands of insurance professionals, is now fully integrated with the Applied Epic agency management system.

Applied Systems agencies can now enjoy a more seamless and automated signing process… plus, they can easily take advantage of the many added conveniences offered by the e-signature tool ranked No. 1 for usability.

eSignature Software 101

Ready to give it a try? Securing signatures using this new integration is easy:


  • From Applied Epic, visit the customer profile and upload the document you’d like signed to the “Attachments” screen.
    Any file type will work.


  • Right-click the document and select “Send to signature.”
    This will open the InsureSign platform – directly from Applied Epic!

  • “Drag and drop” your signature and information fields on top of your document.
    It just takes a second. Note: No need to place fields every time, you can create one-click templates for commonly used forms.

  • Send off to the customer for signing.
    Since your customer’s information is already in the Epic system, his/her email address will auto-populate. No need to hunt down contact info or make sure it’s typed incorrectly. You can also schedule auto-reminders at this time, completely eliminating the need to prod your signer by email or phone. Once you’ve sent the form off, your signer won’t be able to submit it until every field is filled in. No more incomplete forms!

  • Once your document is signed and returned, simply drag it back to Applied Epic to attach to the customer’s file.
    And you’re done. Nothing to print, nothing to upload, nothing to file.



Plus, InsureSign has tons of “bells and whistles” designed to save you time, eliminate steps and reinforce your agency’s brand.

Curious? InsureSign offers a risk-free trial for 14 days so you can experience the difference for yourself. Get started today.


InsureSign’s latest e-sign innovations that’ll make your life easier

At InsureSign, our awesome development team is constantly working on new features to help make the signing process even easier for our users. 

We recently ranked as the No. 1 e-signature software for usability, and we take pride in coming up with new complex innovations and fancy “bells and whistles” that are still super simple for our customers to use – and eliminate some hassles from their lives.

Here are just a few of our latest rollouts in the last few months, available to our regular and premium plan (“Pro”) users:

Reusable Forms (available to “Pro” users): Do you have one standard form that you’re constantly sending out for signing? With our “Reusable Forms” feature, you can create one document for signing, and then share its URL with as many people as you’d like over and over to have them fill it in and submit. You can easily add a link to the reusable form on your website or in general communications so you can literally secure signatures in your sleep.

Multi-Language Support (available to all users):  Do you have customers whose primarily language is Spanish or Canadian French? Now, you can easily change InsureSign’s instructional language with a click of a button.

Recall and Redo a Document (available to all users): Sent a document out for e-signature, but realized afterward you’d like to change something? You can now easily recall the document with a click of a button, and change participant info and fields – and even add new pages.

Multiple Participant Workflow: Are multiple people signing your document? Easily order who signs first, second, etc., by clicking a few buttons. This sequencing isn’t necessarily new to InsureSign users, but our “Pro” users (who can additionally secure signatures via text message and also electronically during in-person meetings) can now also mix and match each signer’s preferred signing method. Need one document signed by three people, and the first up is signing in person, the second is signing via text message and the third is signing via email? Not a problem, managing multiple participants and their preferred signing methods is super simple.

With any of our newest features, we must give credit where credit’s due: to our amazing customers. We regularly talk with our users to understand their evolving needs, and how best to make their lives easier by rolling out new features. All of the innovations we have in the works are sourced from their feedback.

If you’d like to try out InsureSign for yourself, we invite you to start a free, 14-day risk free trial
by clicking here.


Q&A with eSignature User, Christine Latulippe

Considering an esignature software? We recently sat down with Christine Latulippe, an agent from COBIA Insurance in Melbourne, Florida. COBIA has been using InsureSign for three months, and Christine’s feedback can help you decide if it’s right for you and your company.


Q) What was life like before InsureSign? How did you handle your paperwork before?

A) Oh my goodness, it was such a process. We would actually print applications, highlight the field where the client needed to sign, scan it back in, and email it to the client. They had to print it, sign, and send it back to us with a check. It was very time-consuming, and we were going through so much paper. esignature User, Christine Latulippe from COBIA Insurance

Q) How long have your team members been using InsureSign? Was there a learning curve for staff and clients after switching to InsureSign?

A) No learning curve at all! It’s very simple to use. We had no trouble explaining it to our clients. We’ve been using it around 2-3 months. The transition has been very easy.

Q) How have things changed since switching?

A) I can now process an application in the same day that I wrote the policy. We never receive forms missing signatures now, so that’s stopped us for having to send documents back to clients a second time. We used to have to send the same document multiple times.

Q) Do you have a favorite InsureSign feature?

A) I love the daily reminder! It reminds the client to sign and I don’t even have to think about it.

The first 14 days are always free with InsureSign. Start your free trial today by visiting this link.


Millennial Insurance Agents Rely on Digital Tools, Relationship-Building

What’s it like to start work in an insurance agency in 2017? What values do millennial grads bring to the industry? We recently sat down with Jack Griffith, Commercial Lines Associate Producer at Kinghorn Insurance of Beaufort, to learn about his experience just starting out as an agent.


InsureSign: Tell us about your career so far.

Jack: I graduated from the Darla Moore School of Business at University of South Carolina in May 2016. I started working with Kinghorn Insurance of Beaufort in July in 2016. Before starting here, I had no insurance experience, so the past 8-9 months have been a baptism by fire.


InsureSign: What did you think about the insurance industry before becoming an insurance agent?

Jack: I didn’t know too much about it. I told them in my interview that I knew what a premium was and what a deductible was, but otherwise, I was a blank slate. I thought the insurance industry was stuffy, but that’s not true at all. I’ve found my job to be very interesting.


InsureSign: What do you like about being an insurance agent?

Jack: As corny as it sounds, I’m a people person and I do enjoy helping people. I like this work because I feel like I’m serving as a partner, helping people understand their policies and how they can protect their livelihoods. Especially small business owners—they work so hard to build something from the ground up, and it can be gone in a second. That’s where we come in.


InsureSign: What would you tell young people considering a career in insurance?

Jack: It’s not a “get rich quick” scheme—you’ve got to be patient for it to pay off. We need to have more young people in the room, new blood and fresh ideas. It really is interesting work and I’m finding it to be a fulfilling career choice.


InsureSign: How do you think technology has changed the day-to-day experience that most insurance agents have?

Jack: It’s been huge. In high school, I worked in law offices, which were pretty similar to insurance agencies in that they had entire rooms dedicated to paper files. Now, we have everything on an agency server. When I get a piece of paper in the mail, there’s no reason to keep it—I throw it away after scanning in.


InsureSign: We’re proud to call your agency a customer of ours. What are some pain points or challenges that InsureSign has solved for your agency?

Jack: It’s great to get signatures without having to set up a meeting and chase somebody down. With InsureSign, you simply hit send and can have the signed document returned in minutes. I know it’s good for our customers too; if you get a phone call at 5:30 p.m., you can solve somebody’s insurance crisis by 5:35.


InsureSign: Do you have a favorite InsureSign feature?

Jack: It’s nice that it’s flexible in signing order. If I need to sign something and a client needs to as well, we can do it all in real time, rather than sending documents back and forth via mail. Having so many different activity fields is good too… you can leave placeholders for initials, check marks, etc. It’s not just signatures.


Best of luck to Jack in his career!


Interested in seeing how digital tools can streamline your insurance business? [Click here to try InsureSign free.](

RENOSI™ uses e-sign software to help simplify the nonprofit registration process.

Kelly B. Puckett, COO of RENOSI, Inc.

Setting up a nonprofit and renewing its status annually can be tedious and time consuming.

That’s why RENOSI provides nonprofits with a simple and fast solution for “getting and keeping their tax-exempt status” so they can focus on fundraising and providing much-needed services.

Recently, we caught up with Kelly B. Puckett, COO of RENOSI, Inc., to learn how the company was making its simple, hassle-free solution for nonprofits even easier with InsureSign’s e-signature software.

InsureSign:  Tell us a little about RENOSI’s switch to using an e-signature software.

Kelly: Our employees were very excited to hear we were getting e-signature software because we were mailing so many documents for approval to our nonprofit members and the response time was causing a slowdown in our registration process.  It wasn’t uncommon for the staff to be calling a member for months asking that they sign and return the paperwork.  As soon as we switched to InsureSign, I noticed the processing efficiency increased dramatically.

InsureSign:  What’s been the reaction from your employees?

Kelly: They love InsureSign’s scheduled auto-reminders that go out via email to remind members to sign the documents.  Each of our staff members have 500+ groups to manage, so having a streamlined system to remind members to return the needed documentation has been invaluable.  It’s also great to quickly glance in the InsureSign system and see which documents haven’t been signed so additional follow-up can be done if necessary.

InsureSign: Do you have any advice for other companies thinking about doing away with paperwork and switching to InsureSign?

Kelly: If anyone is contemplating switching to an e-signature system, stop thinking about it and just do it.  You’ll save so much time and money, and your customers will love the convenience of signing documents on their phone, tablet or computer.  That convenience is a win-win for everyone.

InsureSign: Thanks Kelly, we know all of your nonprofit members are grateful to have your services to make registration simple, and we thank you for choosing InsureSign to help eliminate the paperwork and making the signing process as easy as using RENOSI.

CFO talks cutting costs with e-signature software

Martin FoxIn addition to recently being ranked as the top city in California to raise a family, Clovis is also home to an insurance agency that’s been serving local families and businesses for the last 80 years – Clovis Insurance Agency.

Martin Fox, Clovis Insurance Agency’s CFO and partner/owner, is a leader within the industry, serving as president of the Golden State NetVU chapter and chairman of the Western Insurance Agents Association (WIAA).

We’re proud to call Clovis Insurance Agency a client, and recently caught up with Martin to hear how everything’s going with our software.

InsureSign: Tell us a little about yourself and the agency.

Martin: Since 1936, we’ve stayed local and small. We have a total of eight employees now, including myself. We’re primarily personal lines, but we also offer commercial. I started with the company in 1986, and became a partner in 1997.

How’d you first learn about InsureSign?

Martin: I was at a NetVU conference a few years ago, and met JP with InsureSign. I looked at other e-signature software, and the price point for InsureSign was better, especially for a small agency. Later, after the conference, I saw the InsureSign demo, and thought, “That’s easy enough to use!” It made sense to go ahead and start using it.

InsureSign: What was it like before InsureSign, and what’s different now?

Martin: On the commercial side, the insurance companies were emailing us policies and telling us to print them for delivery to clients, which really doesn’t work. The cost of doing business was too high. We’d be looking at printing a 60-page policy, then mailing it. Postage costs a lot when mailing a 60-page document. By using InsureSign, we’re not just saving time but also money. If you’re sending out four or five policies the traditional way, then the software will have paid for itself.

InsureSign: What has been the reaction so far from customers?

Martin: They love it. We have many older clients who aren’t tech savvy, and it’s easy for our staff to explain to them that, “All you need to do is open the email I sent you, click here, click here, submit it and then you’ll get a copy via email and so will we.”

InsureSign: What are some of the differences you’ve noticed since switching to our e-sign software?

Martin: The speed that we now get the job done. Clients are often still on the phone with us when we get our signed forms back. Before, when we’d mail the forms, it’d take a few days for customers to get them, and then it’d take a few days for us to get them back. Or they’d have to come by to sign, but we’d close at 5:30 and they wouldn’t be able to come during their lunch breaks…that would take a couple days as well.

The return on investment in sales is instantly noticeable, starting with the first applications sent out with InsureSign. It’s solid, easy to use, and – with the cost – it’s not hard to quantify the ROI.

InsureSign: Anything you’d like to add?

Martin: JP [she’s InsureSign’s director of customer happiness] is great, she loves what she does. I always have someone to laugh with. It’s a great product with happy people representing it.

InsureSign: Thanks so much Martin, we appreciate your time. Hope to see you again at the next NetVU conference, and we’re excited to be a new partner of WIAA!



Texas agency saves time with e-signature software

We’re proud to have called Texas Associates Insurors a client of ours for the last two years. Recently, we checked in with Stefani O’Donald, branch manager at the Smithville office, to see how everything was going.

InsureSign: Tell us a little about yourself and your agency.

Stefani: I’ve been with the agency for 23 years, and in addition to being the Smithville branch manager, I’m also a commercial lines account manager.

Texas Associates Insurors is a full service, independent insurance agency. We offer personal, commercial, life and health insurance and contract bonds. Our home office is located in Austin, with another three branch offices in Texas with more than 50 employees.

InsureSign: What was it like setting up your first document for e-signing?

Stefani: I was one of the first testers at the agency, and I remember that the software was very user friendly. I heard many comments from employees during training about how much time it would save us.

InsureSign: How has the switched changed things for your customers?

Stefani: It’s great for our customers because not everyone has the capability to print out documents, but most everyone has a smart phone. As soon as they sign our document from their mobile device, it shoots right back to me.

Some of our customers don’t have time to come in the office or print our documents, so they love the access and usability.

InsureSign: What are some of your favorite features?

Stefani: I love how fast it is, and that I can simply click and drag fields where I want the customer’s signature.

InsureSign: How has InsureSign saved you time?

Stefani: In the past, when we mailed documents for signing, we’d have to print them out and put yellow tabs where we wanted our customers to sign. If we emailed the documents, then we’d have to highlight where we’d want them to sign. We would still get back incomplete forms occasionally, and sometimes the customer would miss a page completely. With InsureSign, there’s no way to send back an incomplete form.

Also, now that we don’t have to print, highlight where to sign and scan them back in or mail them, we’re saving as much as 10 minutes per document delivery. That time adds up at a busy agency like ours.

I think it’s a pretty slick product and I can’t imagine why we went so long without it.

InsureSign: What agency-management software does your company use?

Stefani: We use Applied.

InsureSign: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Stefani!


To try InsureSign for free for 30 days, click here.




VP increases company efficiency with InsureSign

A veteran in the insurance industry, Joel Blitzer is currently the VP of Commercial Lines at Brooks-Waterburn in New York. From co-creating his agency’s “Laundromat Success Program” to mastering agency technology, Joel leads many of the company’s efforts to develop programs and increase company efficiency.

We recently caught up with Joel to learn about how InsureSign has affected the way Brooks-Waterburn services its customers.

InsureSign: How’d you first learn about us?

Joel: About three years ago, I learned about InsureSign at a Vertafore convention in Nashville. We were one of the early agencies to start using an e-signature software.

InsureSign: How’d Brooks-Waterburn secure customer signatures before InsureSign?

Joel: We did things the old-fashion way. Emailing, faxing and mailing documents for signing.

InsureSign: What was it like when you first introduced InsureSign to your team?

Joel: The team thought it was great, they jumped on board right away. From the beginning, our staff shared that InsureSign was easy to use and a big time saver. They loved that following up on unsigned documents was automated.

InsureSign: Can you tell us a little about how InsureSign has improved the way you service customers?

Joel: With InsureSign, everything is definitely faster and more accurate. Every document is signed where it needs to be. Our documents go out for signing, come back in and nothing ever has to get printed out. Plus, we have a secure audit trail showing when the documents were opened. No more sticky notes needed telling customers to “Sign here.” After our customers use InsureSign one time, they love it.

InsureSign: How have your customers reacted to InsureSign?

Joel: All positive, it shows them we’re offering them the latest technology to make their lives easier. Many of our clients work all day, so it’s great that they can sign on their mobile devices or tablets from anywhere.

InsureSign: Anything else you’ve found about InsureSign that you’ve enjoyed?

Joel: Yes, the customer service is fantastic. We always get a response right away. It works completely as advertised, and we’ve been very happy with the platform over the last few years.

InsureSign: Thanks Joel, we’re proud to call Brooks-Waterburn our client, and thanks for taking the time to talk with us.


New York agency promotes employee efficiency with InsureSign contest

Becky - Bruce Pic 001-1When you think about doing away with paperwork and switching to an e-signature solution, does that feel like a huge undertaking? We know many companies may perceive th
e change as one that requires lots of time, training and tech skills, but the opposite is true. Our software is designed to be so simple that no tech skills are needed, and setting up the first document for e-signing takes mere minutes.

But how can companies get past perception to encourage employees to try a new software for the first time (resulting in long-term adoption and time and cost savings)?

One insurance agency’s president came up with the perfect solution: a fun contest and a little healthy competition to get his team started using their new software: InsureSign’s e-signature solution.

Bruce S. Chapman, president of J.D. Chapman Agency in NY, told his team: The person who sends out the most documents for e-signing will win a $100 gift card to the place of the winner’s choice!

Meet the Winner

It was a close race, but Becky Carlsen (a Commercial CSR with the agency) won the gift card!

“If Bruce hadn’t offered such a great prize, I might not have ‘jumped on the bandwagon’ so quickly,” shares Becky. “But it was so easy to use InsureSign once I started, and I used it often during the contest for renewal quotes and ‘no loss’ letters. It was much faster than typing up a cover sheet and faxing it, and then waiting for it to be signed and faxed back to me. ‘No loss’ letters come with a time constraint, so InsureSign made my life much easier. “

Becky shared that the competition was close toward the end of the contest. “Camy, the runner up, did keep me on my toes during the final days. So score one for being fiercely competitive,” says Becky.

How the Contest Idea Came About

“We signed up for InsureSign because we’re part of the Empire Spectrum, an insurance marketing group, and most of the other members were already using it,” shares Bruce. “Soon after we signed up for InsureSign, few of our employees had yet to adopt the software.”

Bruce shared that made him think, “What could we do to jump start people using InsureSign? I knew it was a great tool and a huge time saver.”

Bruce says the idea for the contest was born from promos he receives from many of their insurance companies to write additional lines of business. “We’re used to getting promotions from companies that would share something along the lines of, ‘If you write new homeowners insurance, we’ll give you $25. That sparked this idea. It was well received and now our staff sees the value of InsureSign which has resulted in a substantial increase in usage.”

Q&A: Insurance agent answers, ‘Which e-signature software is best?’

Gary 1Recently, we caught up with Gary Krigbaum, an agent/broker and IT administrator for Wilson Paves and Associates in California. Gary, who has used both InsureSign and the “other” e-signature solution, shared his experiences with us.

InsureSign: How long have you been using InsureSign, and how has it been so far?

Gary: We have used InsureSign for more than a year now and all of our users and clients love it. It is easy to use for the originator as well as the clients. We have found that the turnaround time is 24 hrs or less to receive the completed signed docs back from the client.

InsureSign: Had your agency used any other e-signature solutions in the past?

Gary: Due to the fact that we are a Vertafore AMS360 online agency, we tried Docusign. But we found that attempting to attach additional documents outside of the AMS management system was cumbersome, difficult and more expensive.

Our agency writes a large book of business that requires supplemental applications, finance agreements and forms to sign for various miscellaneous items as well as our own forms that we include with new or renewal proposals. It’s easy with InsureSign’s print driver: we browse to a folder to bring all forms together, quickly prepare them for signature and email out.

John and Gary 1

Gary with Wilson, Paves & Associates’ president, John

After all the forms are completed, the “final” email comes to the user with the audit trail of all transactions. We then attach that email to the client in AMS360 as an Activity.

InsureSign: Now that you’ve used both, which would you recommend for insurance agencies?

I would highly recommend using InsureSign for the above reasons, AND you get a bonus with the “Superior” support. I have been doing the IT Administration for more than 15 years with this agency, and have never worked with a better one-on-one support team! Hats off to that team!

InsureSign: Thank you, Gary!