Q&A: Insurance agent answers, ‘Which eSignature software is best?’

Gary - eSignature softwareRecently, we sat down with Gary Krigbaum, an agent/broker and IT administrator for Wilson Paves and Associates in California. Gary, who has used both InsureSign and the “other” eSignature solution, shared his experiences with us.

InsureSign: How long have you been using InsureSign, and how has it been so far?

Gary: We have used InsureSign for more than a year now and all of our users and clients love it. It is easy to use for the originator as well as the clients. We have found that the turnaround time is 24 hrs or less to receive the completed signed docs back from the client.

InsureSign: Had your agency used any other eSignature solutions in the past?

Gary: Due to the fact that we are a Vertafore AMS360 online agency, we tried Docusign. But we found that attempting to attach additional documents outside of the AMS management system was cumbersome, difficult and more expensive.

Our agency writes a large book of business that requires supplemental applications, finance agreements and forms to sign for various miscellaneous items as well as our own forms that we include with new or renewal proposals. It’s easy with InsureSign’s print driver: we browse to a folder to bring all forms together, quickly prepare them for signature and email out.

John and Gary -eSignature software

Gary with Wilson, Paves & Associates’ president, John

After all the forms are completed, the “final” email comes to the user with the audit trail of all transactions. We then attach that email to the client in AMS360 as an Activity.

InsureSign: Now that you’ve used both, which would you recommend for insurance agencies?

I would highly recommend using InsureSign for the above reasons, AND you get a bonus with the “Superior” support. I have been doing the IT Administration for more than 15 years with this agency, and have never worked with a better one-on-one support team! Hats off to that team!

InsureSign: Thank you, Gary!


Meet an InsureSign User: Kim Champion

The InsureSign team loves chatting with our users every chance we get. This week, we had the opportunity to catch up with Kim Champion, systems administration at ACBI Insurance, and she was kind enough to share her e-signature experience with us.

InsureSign: How long has Associated Community Brokers used InsureSign, and how many users do you have on the system?  

Kim: We started with InsureSign in 2013.  I honestly thought it was longer.  Was there life before InsureSign? It doesn’t seem that way.  We are up to 12 users now.

InsureSign: What did your team initially think about InsureSign? Were they excited to start using e-signatures? 

Kim: I don’t think “excited” was quite the word.  I was excited, but I am a bit of a technology nerd.  My team was reluctant to try something new.  Now my users absolutely love it, and even the ones who long for the “good old days of printing” have to admit that the end result is terrific.

InsureSign: What are some of your agency’s favorite InsureSign features? 

Kim: I love that it integrates with everything.  I can take an application from my management system, a Word doc or a PDF stored on my computer and a supplemental form from a carrier website and throw them all into one document. I love that it walks our clients through the process with links and pop ups telling them where to sign and where to click.

InsureSign: Have you heard any customer feedback? How do they like the e-signing process? 

Kim: I have had more than one client call me after signing and say, “That was really cool!”  They love it, and find it simple to use.

InsureSign: How has using InsureSign benefited your agency? 

Kim: InsureSign is an incredible time saver, and it saves us money in that documents don’t need to be printed, scanned or mailed.  It’s also a breeze to wrap up a sale in minutes. I believe our current stats are 100% document return with an average turnaround time of 20 minutes.

InsureSign: We hear that using InsureSign has saved you so much time that you recently had time to make 2,700 holiday cookies. What can you tell us about that? 

Kim: It’s true!  I have so much extra time on my hands because of efficient technology that I was able to take a week off and bake 2,700 Christmas cookies! My mom is also busy baking her heart out and between the two of us, we now have over 8,500 cookies to tray up and distribute.  It’s my favorite family holiday tradition!

InsureSign: Thanks for talking with us today, Kim, and happy holidays!

Implementation Insights: How to Introduce Your Team to eSignatures

e-signature implementationSo you’re ready to get started with eSignatures. Congratulations! But is the rest of your team ready too? While e-signatures are sure to save insurance professionals time and help them wow customers, the prospect of using a new technology can often be met with a surprising amount of resistance. So how do you make the e-signature implementation process as smooth as possible for all parties involved? Here are a few helpful tips:

Keep the introduction simple. When first introducing even the mere idea of a new technology, it’s important to keep things simple. Don’t give your team all of the nitty-gritty details about your chosen eSignature solution, as that’s sure to overwhelm them. Instead, focus on the big picture by addressing things like why your agency is switching to e-signatures and when the change will take place.

Talk benefits, not features. The InsureSign team naturally loves to talk about the features of our system, but we also understand the great importance of benefits. People want to know what’s in it for them before the bells and whistles of any system. Be sure to emphasize how e-signatures will help save them time, improve customer service and eliminate frustrations like tracking down incomplete information on paperwork.

Answer questions. Questions are a natural part of anyone being introduced to any new technology. While you don’t need to know the answer to every question about the eSignature solution you’re implementing, make sure you can answer the common ones that are sure to arise so you can help ease any concerns.

Emphasize ease of use. The first step in this is, of course, to select an e-signature solution that is in fact easy to use and easy to learn. E-signature implementation and training should both take a matter of minutes to complete, and that’s sure to impress even those that are most resistant to technology and process changes.

Has your insurance agency adopted eSignatures? Tell us below, what was successful for your agency during the roll out process?

Meet an InsureSign User: Linda Hart

We had a great time this week talking with Linda Hart, IT manager for Smith Insurance.

Linda Hart, Smith Insurance

Linda Hart, Smith Insurance

InsureSign: How long has your agency used InsureSign, and how many people at Smith Insurance are users?

Linda: We’ve used the software since April 2014, and we have 33 users.

InsureSign: As the IT person there, how was the set up and roll out?

Linda: Very simple and easy. I went desk to desk to train everyone individually and show them, full circle, how InsureSign works for both agents and customers.   We played both roles, sending each other fake forms to sign so they could see what the insured gets. I wanted them to see how easy it was for them to set up documents for signing, and also how easy it is for the insured. And installing InsureSign was very simple and quick.

InsureSign: What was the reaction internally from the agents? How did they take to the new eSignature software?

Linda: The agents loved it, because – all of a sudden – they could get their forms back signed five minutes later. And then they can send them right off to the carrier, and it’s off their desk. It’s really sped up the processing of paperwork quite a bit here.

InsureSign: What do you think the main benefits have been for Smith Insurance? What has impacted your agency?

Linda: We love the speed now of closing deals. Agents no longer have a pile of papers on their desks waiting for signatures, or snail mail going back and forth or face-to-face appointments. It makes the process quicker for everyone. Insureds’ reactions have been very positive too.

Also, we now can drop a “field” every place we need signed or initialed, and our customers can’t send the form back until all of those the fields have been completed.

The team also absolutely loves the automatic reminders for customers to sign. They have some clients who historically have to be chased down for signatures, so the automatic reminders through InsureSign save them from having to do the chasing.

My team also likes the My Recent Documents section because they can go in there and check the documents’ signing statuses.

InsureSign: Do you use InsureSign for other lines of business or only personal?

Linda: We use it for both commercial and personal.

InsureSign: Have you heard anything from agents about their customers’ reaction?

Linda: Yes, customers say it’s great! It saves the customers a visit to the office, so that saves them time as well and they really appreciate that from us.

InsureSign: Thank you Linda, we appreciate your time.


Meet an InsureSign User: Tressa Bocskey

We recently caught up with Tressa Bocskey, one of our long-time users and VP of marketing and sales for First Florida Insurance to learn more about her experiences with our eSignature software.

InsureSign: What brought you to InsureSign?

Tressa: I was the corporate trainer at “We Insure Florida,” and we learned about InsureSign from FAIA. We were using another eSignature company at the time. We decided to give InsureSign a shot, and I helped set up more than 100 insurance agents across Florida, and trained them to use InsureSign.

InsureSign: How was it training 100 agents to use our eSignatures?

Tressa: It was very easy. The InsureSign training videos are excellent. Because I was in Jacksonville, training agents all over Florida, I could simply direct them to the training video first, and then answer any questions. However, I had very few questions from agents after the videos.

InsureSign: Do you feel like the agents were accepting of InsureSign as a new technology?

Tressa: Absolutely, especially since I know how much agents typically dislike change. A lot of agents put up a little bit of a fight in the beginning, but – after watching the training video and learning that FAIA endorsed it – they were on board.

InsureSign: How did the agents find setting up their first documents for signing?

Tressa: They found it extremely easy. It’s simple. Just click a link, type in your name and email – and you’re done. And I love that you can pull up any document you’d like signed, and InsureSign is set up as your default printer. Once you click the document, you can place your signature fields where you need them, and you’re finished.

InsureSign: What have you enjoyed most about InsureSign?

Tressa: I write all over Florida, and – just last week – I serviced three policies in the Naples, Fla., area, which is 300 or 400 miles away from my office. I was able to bind all of the policies, and send them to the client – and I had them signed and back in 15 minutes.

I also like that I can use my own waiver and rejection forms, and my own applications. And I really like the templates because I don’t have to place the signature fields on the same types of applications every single time.

InsureSign: Has InsureSign changed the way you service customers?

Tressa: Absolutely, I’d still be chasing down applications if it wasn’t for InsureSign. For example, this gentleman lived in NY, and had properties in SE Florida (and I’m in NE Florida). It was huge because he was able to sign on a smart phone, and the signed document was quickly filed.

It’s also fail proof. I don’t get the application back until it’s completely signed by the customer. I don’t have to worry about chasing down the customer to add a missing initial where he forgot to sign. That’s a huge feature for agents because the underwriter will look for that initial or that “i” that’s not dotted, and then you have to track that down.

InsureSign: Great, thanks for talking with us today, Tressa.