CFO talks cutting costs with e-signature software

Martin Fox- e-Signature software userIn addition to recently being ranked as the top city in California to raise a family, Clovis is also home to an insurance agency that’s been serving local families and businesses for the last 80 years – Clovis Insurance Agency.

Martin Fox, Clovis Insurance Agency’s CFO and partner/owner, is a leader within the industry, serving as president of the Golden State NetVU chapter and chairman of the Western Insurance Agents Association (WIAA).

We’re proud to call Clovis Insurance Agency a client, and recently caught up with Martin to hear how everything’s going with our software.

InsureSign: Tell us a little about yourself and the agency.

Martin: Since 1936, we’ve stayed local and small. We have a total of eight employees now, including myself. We’re primarily personal lines, but we also offer commercial. I started with the company in 1986, and became a partner in 1997.

How’d you first learn about InsureSign?

Martin: I was at a NetVU conference a few years ago, and met JP with InsureSign. I looked at other e-signature software, and the price point for InsureSign was better, especially for a small agency. Later, after the conference, I saw the InsureSign demo, and thought, “That’s easy enough to use!” It made sense to go ahead and start using it.

InsureSign: What was it like before InsureSign, and what’s different now?

Martin: On the commercial side, the insurance companies were emailing us policies and telling us to print them for delivery to clients, which really doesn’t work. The cost of doing business was too high. We’d be looking at printing a 60-page policy, then mailing it. Postage costs a lot when mailing a 60-page document. By using InsureSign, we’re not just saving time but also money. If you’re sending out four or five policies the traditional way, then the software will have paid for itself.

InsureSign: What has been the reaction so far from customers?

Martin: They love it. We have many older clients who aren’t tech savvy, and it’s easy for our staff to explain to them that, “All you need to do is open the email I sent you, click here, click here, submit it and then you’ll get a copy via email and so will we.”

InsureSign: What are some of the differences you’ve noticed since switching to our e-sign software?

Martin: The speed that we now get the job done. Clients are often still on the phone with us when we get our signed forms back. Before, when we’d mail the forms, it’d take a few days for customers to get them, and then it’d take a few days for us to get them back. Or they’d have to come by to sign, but we’d close at 5:30 and they wouldn’t be able to come during their lunch breaks…that would take a couple days as well.

The return on investment in sales is instantly noticeable, starting with the first applications sent out with InsureSign. It’s solid, easy to use, and – with the cost – it’s not hard to quantify the ROI.

InsureSign: Anything you’d like to add?

Martin: JP [she’s InsureSign’s director of customer happiness] is great, she loves what she does. I always have someone to laugh with. It’s a great product with happy people representing it.

InsureSign: Thanks so much Martin, we appreciate your time. Hope to see you again at the next NetVU conference, and we’re excited to be a new partner of WIAA!