Digital Productivity Beyond eSignatures: 3 Quick Tips

eSignature Digital Productivity

Do you have enough time in the day? Chances are good that you answered that question with a “No way!” or “Are you kidding me?” or even a hearty laugh. Time is the one thing that we all could use more of – lots more, in most cases. Using our e-signatures is a great way to take back your time, and give more of it to your customers too. There are also many other simple ways to use technology to save time and be more productive. Here are a few:

Create dedicated email time. There’s nothing like email to repeatedly distract you from the task at hand. To stay on track, whether it’s once an hour or twice per day, set aside time in your day for checking and responding to emails. To reduce the temptation to sneak a peek and the distraction of notifications, keep your email program closed at all other times.

Use a note-taking app. To-do lists are great organizational tools, but a traditional pen and paper version has its flaws. Skip the possibility of accidentally losing or throwing away that list while also keeping work and home lists together in one place with a note-taking app. Evernote and Simplenote are two free examples in this rapidly expanding category, and can be used on your phone, tablet and computer.

Change the way you browse. The internet is a great place for getting things done quickly, but it can also cause you to waste time too (and not just when you’re checking Facebook either). Tabbed browsing is an efficient way to quickly move back and forth between websites, but beware the number of tabs you open, and close those you no longer need to view to minimize distractions. Also, consider installing an ad blocker on your computer. Even if you aren’t tempted to click on ads, their mere presence can cause you to lose focus.

Are you a master of digital productivity? Share your best tip with us in the comments.