Electronic Security: 4 Simple Lessons for Employees

Teamwork makes the dream work. That phrase is applicable in many areas of life, including a company’s network security. When given the proper guidance, together, employees can be a powerful weapon against security breaches and other threats. But what should companies be teaching them about security? As a leading provider of electronic signatures, which helps make the document signing process more secure, the InsureSign team is bringing you these helpful tips:

  1. Passwords matter. Teaching employees how to create strong passwords is an essential security practice. Passwords should include upper and lowercase letters, numbers and at least one symbol, and should ideally be in the form of a short sentence. For systems that require a PIN, be sure to instruct employees not to use commonly used numbers like the current year or “1234.”
  2. Be smart about outside programs. Companies today are often more accepting of bring your own device (BYOD) trends, but with this comes an increased need to educate employees about maintaining a clean machine. Whether it’s their personal computer or one assigned by the company, if it’s used for work, employees should be instructed to be careful about what they install and keep on their computers. File sharing programs, for example, are notoriously risky.
  3. Email and social media can’t always be trusted. Email and social media are great tools for communication, both professionally and personally. Unfortunately, they can also be great at inviting unwanted visitors into company networks, by way of viruses, malware and phishing scams. You can help reduce the risk with this very simple lesson for your team: trust your gut. Risky emails and social media posts often feel a bit off in their wording, vagueness or subject matter, but since they often come from a trusted source, employees can sometimes ignore that little voice saying “Don’t click that!”
  4. Lock it down. While a quick trip to the break room to grab some coffee and chat with coworkers might not sound like a security threat, it can easily become one. That’s all the time it takes for someone physically in your workplace to access sensitive information on a computer. Combat this threat by teaching your team to lock their computers every time they step away from their desks – even if it’s only for a minute.

Do you have a tip for teaching employees about electronic security in the workplace? Share it in the comments below!