Five Questions I’m Often Asked about InsureSign

As InsureSign’s director of customer happiness, prospective and new customers always have lots of great questions for me. In case the answers to their most common questions are helpful for you, I wanted to share the “Top 5.”

Q: Does InsureSign work with my agency management software?

A: Absolutely, InsureSign wInsureSign on a Tabletorks with 100 percent of the agency management software tools out there. We even have videos showing how easy it is to use InsureSign with three of the largest.

Watch our videos now to see how easy it is to use InsureSign with QQCatalyst, Applied TAM and AMS360.

Q: How much does InsureSign cost?

A: InsureSign is more affordable than other e-signature providers, and costs less each month than you probably spend on postage, paper and time faxing, scanning and mailing documents for signing. View our monthly and annual plans here: And you can try InsureSign for free for 30 days!

Q: Do you provide training?

A: Absolutely. Once you sign up, we assign a “white glove” customer service representative to your account. He or she will immediately contact you via phone to help you with everything – answering questions, logging on to your computer, helping you add users, walking you through sending your first document for signing…you name it!

Q: How is InsureSign different from other e-signing companies?

A: Our electronic signatures are not only more affordable, they’re also easier for you and your customers to use. I often hear from users how their customers shared that signing documents with InsureSign was the easiest e-signature experience they’ve had! No other e-sign software is made specifically for insurance professionals, so we know the industry’s needs and don’t come with any bells and whistles you won’t use. We’re all about making things more simple, safe and speedy for you! Plus, we pride ourselves on offering all sorts of personal touches, from reaching out to you right away via phone, and checking in regularly with you to make sure you’re a happy camper.

Q: How many documents can each InsureSign user send out for signing?

A: You can send out as many documents as you want! As an InsureSign user, the number of documents per user = unlimited!

If you have any questions you’d like to ask, we’re always a phone call or email away!

e-signing off,