It’s a scenario every professional–or anyone who sends out agreements to be signed–is all too familiar with. You send out a contract, agreement or form, and then… wait. And wait. And wait. Finally, you realize you’re going to have to give your client a gentle nudge.

There’s an art to following up with someone without being obnoxious. Here are a few tips and workarounds to avoid awkwardness and stress…and to keep from alienating the person you want to work with.

    1. Be friendly, humble and polite. It’s easy to get frustrated when someone doesn’t seem like they’re being considerate of your time. Being passive-aggressive (or worse, expressing displeasure outright) isn’t the answer. Make a point of remaining friendly and open… even if it’s the fourth reminder with no response. Remember, this is someone you need to work with in some capacity, so keep the goodwill flowing!
    2. Give it time. People are busy, now more than ever before. Try to remain empathetic about the other demands on your client’s time, and leave a healthy break (a week or two) between follow-up emails if at all possible.
    3. Keep it brief and to the point. Don’t beat around the bush! Let someone know why you’re emailing them right off the bat. We often wait to reply to emails that will take us time to answer (and sometimes forget about them). Being concise can help you get a response more quickly.
    4. Automate it. Pro tip: use software to send automated emails reminding your client to sign paperwork. You can send it, forget about it, and avoid any diplomatic false steps. Automation won’t just save you time; it’ll help your client relationships.

If that last one made your heart leap, good news: InsureSign, the easiest e-signature software on the market to use, will schedule reminders for your unsigned documents. Plus, you’ll be able to take advantage of InsureSign’s many other uses, including allowing your clients to sign documents remotely, securely, and speedily.

While sending your client contracts via InsureSign, you can schedule daily or weekly reminders until your documents are signed.  No awkward “just checking in” emails for you! Try it free for 14 days: