eco-friendly software options for small businesses

Going green: Three software options for an eco-friendly small business

Environmentally-friendly business practices aren’t just a “nice to have” anymore. As stakeholders, clients and customer bases increasingly demand them, small business owners sometimes struggle to keep up.

Don’t worry, though! There are some affordable software tools you can use to adopt green practices… and maybe even save some money.

eco-friendly software options

  • Slack
    Many employers are already aware of Slack, the collaboration and project management tool that streamlines communication between team members. What they might not realize, however, is that a centralized place for project communication allows employees to work remotely more easily. Check out this infographic from WebEx, based on data from Global Workforce Analytics, to see how working remotely just 50% of the time could affect our planet.

Get the basic version free:

  • Rapport
    Most sustainability software is designed for big budgets: corporations with sustainability departments, or big businesses trying to tweak their resource consumption. With Rapport, those tools are available to small businesses, too. Rapport takes your utility data and shows you how to save money while reducing the environmental impact of your company. Although the price tag might seem high to small business owners, Rapport’s insights can help you slash expenses in other places.

Starting at $99/month per site:

  • InsureSign
    Switching to an e-signature solution won’t just reduce your consumption of paper and envelopes–it also reduces the need for gas-guzzling mail couriers and delivery services. Plus, you’ll save tons on the hard costs associated with the “old way” of doing business, like postage and paper. InsureSign is the easiest e-signature software to use and completely secure.

    Starting at $15.95/month per user. Try it free for 14 days:

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