Happy E-signature Appreciation Month!

e signature monthWhat do e-signatures have in common with drums, model trains and peanut butter? They’re all being celebrated as part of monthly observances in November. While we can only speak as casual observers about the merits of the other celebrated items, the InsureSign team is well-versed on the benefits of e-signatures and how they can transform insurance agencies. Here are five reasons why NetVU deemed this E-signature Appreciation Month:

Time savings. E-signatures eliminate the need for time-consuming processes like faxing, scanning, printing and mailing documents for signing. Also, incomplete forms are impossible with e-signatures, saving your team the time and frustration of tracking down missing information.

Reduced costs. An e-signature solution can help reduce the amount your agency spends on office supplies like paper and printer ink. They can also cut expenses related to couriers, certified mail delivery and paper file management.

Better customer service. E-signatures can help you dramatically improve your agency’s customer service. Customers can sign when and where they want on the device of their choosing, eliminating the need to print out lengthy documents or make a trip to your office.

Increased security. Tamper-proof and securely transmitted, e-signed documents also have a complete audit trail. There’s no need to worry about private documents being seen by the wrong individuals or being destroyed.

Ease of use. Including implementation and training, your agency can be up and running with e-signatures in a matter of minutes. Documents are ready for signing and can be signed by customers in mere minutes too.

In honor of E-signature Appreciation Month, we have partnered with our friends at NetVU for some great giveaways. We just gave away a year of free e-signatures and a NetVU conference registration on Facebook, and now NetVU members have another chance to win on Twitter. You can check it out here.