b2b software recommendations from InsureSign CEO

How to grow a business: Four software recommendations from InsureSign’s CEO

b2b software recommendations from InsureSign CEOThere’s nothing quite like the magical moment when you realize: there’s a tool that can do that thing that’s taking up all of your time.

In fact, that’s exactly why my company was born. Back in 2012, I became annoyed that a simple signature tool didn’t exist … so we created it. It’s one of those software products that instantly makes your day-to-day that much simpler.

Every day, I use a slew of other tech products designed to make businesses more efficient. Listed below are several tools we use at InsureSign to maximize our employees’ time, gain better insights that support our sales efforts, and streamline workflow. Who knows—maybe one of these will relieve a pain point in your own business.

Software Recommendations for Business Owners

  • Intercom builds a suite of messaging-first products that all modern online businesses can use to accelerate growth across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition, to engagement, and support. This tool has directly helped our sales and supports our efforts that directly led to our recent ranking: G2 Crowd’s best eSignature software.
  • AskNicely helps us get feedback from our customers on a continuous basis. It helps InsureSign drive customer happiness by collecting feedback directly after an experience and enabling your team to take action immediately.
  • Chargify keeps our billing straight with minimal effort from our small, busy team. This company offers “elastic billing,” which translates to hyper-personalized offers for customers as the first step in building lasting relationships.
  • Chartmogul automates your subscription revenue and customer reporting. Just connect your data and ChartMogul will calculate and visualize your most important metrics. These insights have been incredibly useful for us, helping us evaluate the success of our sales team—and reward them accordingly.

Of course, I have to mention InsureSign: an e-signature software designed to simplify any forms, signed agreements and/or contracts. InsureSign takes a pen-and-paper process and turns it into a simple, immediate mouse-or-finger process. Demo InsureSign here.