How to Spend the Time You Save with E-signatures

save time with e-signaturesImagine that you have been given some extra time in your day, every day. While that may sound like the stuff of science fiction, it’s a reality for insurance professionals who use InsureSign for e-signatures. Using InsureSign, they’re able to set up documents for signing in mere minutes, eliminating time-consuming paper-signing processes. So how should you spend the time saved at work with e-signatures? Here are a few suggestions:

Get organized. That pile of paper has been lingering on your desk for far too long, and so have all those old messages in your email inbox. Take the time you’ve gained through e-signatures to take control of your workspace. By getting organized, you will save even more time and feel less stressed when trying to track down important information.

Network. Use your newfound time to attend a professional association event to make new contacts and possibly even learn something new. If there aren’t any events that pique your interest or staying at your desk is more your speed for the day, send an email to an old colleague to check in or reconnect with a few connections on LinkedIn.

Get moving. Whether you take a stroll around the building or put in some time at the gym, physical activity is a great way to spend extra time in your workday. Getting up and away from your desk helps improve mental clarity and focus, making you more prepared to tackle future tasks at hand.

Look around. Before e-signatures, your agency used inefficient paper-signing processes. Take some time to look around and see what other inefficiencies you might find, and then conduct some research on the best ways to solve those problems. Chances are good that you can uncover even more time in your day, and maybe even give the gift of time to those around you too.

Have a great suggestion for how to spend the time you save with e-signatures? Tell us in the comments below.