Insurance Agencies Going Green with E-signatures – and More!

Forget “It ain’t easy being green!” Today, technology makes it easier than ever for people and businesses to be eco-friendly. If you use InsureSign, your insurance agency is already realizing some of the green benefits of e-signatures. Your agency is using less paper and envelopes, and also reducing the need for documents to be transported via gas-guzzling mail or courier vehicles. Give yourself a pat on the back for these admirable environmental efforts to date while you check out these three other easy ways to green your agency:

  1. Power down. The average office consumes a great deal of energy each day, but there are simple ways to reduce that consumption. Make it a policy that all employees power down their computers at the end of the day, and give everyone a power strip that their computer, monitor and other desktop peripherals can be plugged into. With the flip of a single switch, employees can turn off their whole set up at once, racking up some big energy savings. In addition, encourage everyone to turn off conference room, breakroom, bathroom and office lights when an area is not in use.
  2. Green your office supplies. While using e-signatures reduces your agency’s paper consumption considerably, chances are good that paper is still a must-have supply. Go green with the paper your agency does need by purchasing chlorine-free papers and envelopes that have high amounts of post-consumer recycled content. Many companies now also offer pens and pencils with recycled content. And although e-signatures have helped your agency reduce the amount of ink and toner used, be sure those cartridges get recycled to save money and the planet.
  3. Reduce break room waste. Company break rooms are home to many non-eco-friendly practices, but it’s also an area where small changes can make a big difference. Forgo single-serve coffee makers for conventional coffee pots, or look for recyclable or compostable K-Cup options. For those coffee and tea condiments, buy in bulk and store in communal containers rather than using single packets. Instead of supplying plastic cups, ask employees to bring their own drinkware to the office and keep a supply of reusable mugs and glasses on hand for guests.

Has your insurance agency gone green? What tips would you recommend for others looking to do the same?