InsureSign Features: 5 Customer Favorites

Will the next iPhone not have a headphone jack? Will it be waterproof? And what about wireless charging? With all of this talk about technology features in the news lately, it got our team thinking about InsureSign features too. As the only e-signature solution made exclusively for insurance professionals, our nearly 2,000 insurance agency customers tell us there’s lots to love about InsureSign. Here are five of their favorite features:

  1. At-a-glance document status. Which documents have been signed? Which have been opened, but not signed? InsureSign gives insurance professionals the ability to answer these questions at a glance, and schedule follow-ups with those who haven’t signed yet. This feature makes document management so much easier and faster.
  2. Custom templates. At InsureSign, we know that many of the same types of documents come across your desk each and every day. That’s why we designed our e-signature software with a feature that allows users to create templates for common forms so they don’t have to “recreate the wheel” every time. Our pricing plan also gives you unlimited templates for every account.
  3. User-friendly signature field creation. Adding signature fields has never been so easy. You simply drag and drop the fields where you want them, and then dictate which fields are mandatory. Then, unless all the mandatory signature fields have been completed, the insured cannot submit the documents. This InsureSign feature means the end of incomplete forms!
  4. Complete audit trails. Just because there’s no paper trail doesn’t mean you can’t tell where a document has been and when. In fact, just the opposite is true with InsureSign. Every document e-signed with InsureSign comes with a complete audit trail detailing every step of the documents journey. That means no more concerns about documents holding up in court.
  5. Easy document retrieval. “Now where did I save that document again?” InsureSign brings an end to this common question with a true customer favorite feature. All documents are stored within InsureSign, which means our users can easily retrieve signed documents at any time.

Do you have a favorite InsureSign feature? Share it with us in the comments below!