Q&A: Insurance agent answers, ‘Which eSignature software is best?’

Gary - eSignature softwareRecently, we sat down with Gary Krigbaum, an agent/broker and IT administrator for Wilson Paves and Associates in California. Gary, who has used both InsureSign and the “other” eSignature solution, shared his experiences with us.

InsureSign: How long have you been using InsureSign, and how has it been so far?

Gary: We have used InsureSign for more than a year now and all of our users and clients love it. It is easy to use for the originator as well as the clients. We have found that the turnaround time is 24 hrs or less to receive the completed signed docs back from the client.

InsureSign: Had your agency used any other eSignature solutions in the past?

Gary: Due to the fact that we are a Vertafore AMS360 online agency, we tried Docusign. But we found that attempting to attach additional documents outside of the AMS management system was cumbersome, difficult and more expensive.

Our agency writes a large book of business that requires supplemental applications, finance agreements and forms to sign for various miscellaneous items as well as our own forms that we include with new or renewal proposals. It’s easy with InsureSign’s print driver: we browse to a folder to bring all forms together, quickly prepare them for signature and email out.

John and Gary -eSignature software

Gary with Wilson, Paves & Associates’ president, John

After all the forms are completed, the “final” email comes to the user with the audit trail of all transactions. We then attach that email to the client in AMS360 as an Activity.

InsureSign: Now that you’ve used both, which would you recommend for insurance agencies?

I would highly recommend using InsureSign for the above reasons, AND you get a bonus with the “Superior” support. I have been doing the IT Administration for more than 15 years with this agency, and have never worked with a better one-on-one support team! Hats off to that team!

InsureSign: Thank you, Gary!