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Kicking the Gates gets 100+ esign documents signed fast with InsureSign

Did you know an estimated 29 million girls and women around the world play soccer, and 750 million people tuned into the 2015 Women’s World Cup? So how does this relate to esign documents?

The creators of Kicking the Gates, a storytelling project, recognized that, even with all of the interest in women’s soccer, media and sponsors have been “slow to respond to that demand.” The Kicking the Gates docu-series (currently in production) takes the women’s and girls’ stories directly to the audience. 29 million girls and women around the world play soccer

We recently spoke with Krissy Hamm, producer of Kicking the Gates, to learn more about her project and how InsureSign recently made a tedious, time-consuming process fast and simple.

InsureSign: Krissy, can you tell us a little more about the docu-series?

Krissy: Kicking the gates is a documentary series about girls’ and women’s soccer. Each episode will feature two parallel story lines woven together. The first story line follows the growth of women’s soccer in the US, starting with the formation of the first US Women’s National team in 1985. We have interviews with several of the players from that team already. Each episode then progresses that story from 1985 until today. The second story line will focus on and highlight individual youth players of today, as they progress in their soccer careers.

The players I’ve met and talked with so far are all just phenomenal women. So many young girls are playing now in part because these players have served as role models and really elevated the women’s game.

InsureSign: Can you tell us a little about your camp?

Krissy: The camp we just hosted in June was a fundraiser to help with the production costs for Kicking the Gates.

Heather Mitts (former professional U.S. player) is executive producer of the project, and came out to a suburb of Omaha to put on our three-day camp. The camp ended up being a huge success, and all proceeds will be rolled into the docu-series.

Krissy Hamm, gets forms signed fast

Krissy Hamm

InsureSign: So how’d you start using InsureSign?

Krissy: We needed to get the filming and parental release forms out to parents right away before the girls’ soccer camp. I tried another well-known electronic signature service, but learned I would have had to manually input each email…they just weren’t set up for collecting lots of esign documents the way

 I needed. I wanted to easily send out forms for signing to all parents at once, so we chose InsureSign.

When parents and kids arrived to the camp, we were able to streamline check-in because most parents had already signed the releases electronically with InsureSign. It really worked well, I started receiving signed forms back from parents right away. We only sent out the releases three days before the camp, and 115 signed forms came back to me via email. It was a very smooth process.

InsureSign: Anything else you’d like to add about your experience with InsureSign?

Krissy: I would definitely use InsureSign again. Customer service was awesome, we had to get everything moving really fast & Joe responded to everything quickly so we could get our releases out right away.  

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InsureSign: Thanks Krissy, we can’t wait to check out your docu-series!  

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