Andrew Werring attorney uses InsureSign electronic signature software

Q&A: How a Kansas law firm gets legal documents signed within minutes

Andrew Werring, Werring Law Office, LLCIt’s no secret: attorneys, paralegals and law offices in general have to deal with a lot of paperwork. Not only that, it’s an industry that requires meticulous record-keeping, and there’s little room for error when it comes to getting signed documents right the first time.

Andrew Werring, a native of Atchison, Kansas, opened his own legal practice in 2005 in his hometown. At the Werring Law Office, LLC, his team focuses on criminal defense, debt collection, estate planning/probate and domestic matters.

We sat down with Andrew to see how our easy-to-use e-signature software, InsureSign, is helping him clear cases off the docket incredibly quickly – all with the peace of mind that comes from security.

InsureSign: Tell us a little about your practice. 

Andrew Werring: We’ve been practicing since 2005 in a small community in Kansas. We have a general practice focusing on creditor rights, criminal law, and matters of estate planning and probate.  

InsureSign: What was life like before InsureSign? How did you get documents signed before?

Andrew Werring: Prior to using InsureSign, we would obtain signatures with a simple pen and paper. We then progressed to emailing or faxing, then having pro se litigants sign and return by fax or email. Some could “sign” by using a photo-editing software. Such steps often took a great deal of time and delay in getting the signed copies back to our office for filing.

InsureSign: How are you using InsureSign in your practice? What kinds of forms or agreements do you typically use InsureSign for?

Andrew Werring: We use InsureSign daily to obtain signatures from pro se litigants. We regularly use the program to obtain signatures for contracts as well as for court documents, such as Agreed Orders of Judgment, as well as other agreements to return to court. We like that we can send documents for signing by text message, and schedule an automated daily reminder for the recipient to sign and return the documents.

Those who have used InsureSign have really spoken highly of the software and its convenience. Our judges allow us to file the document with the additional data page InsureSign provides, as we can prove that we’ve obtained permission to use the electronic signature of opposing counsel/party. InsureSign’s certification page makes that extraordinarily easy.

InsureSign: How has your firm changed since adopting InsureSign?

Andrew Werring: Our ability to obtain and file signed documents has sped up exponentially. What used to take hours at best can now be handled in a matter of minutes and even seconds. We even debate using the program for in-person signatures because it’s so easy to use.

InsureSign: Which InsureSign features have been most useful?

Andrew Werring: The daily (or other frequency) reminders are wonderful. That tool allows us to ensure the person has not only seen the document, but actually signs it.

InsureSign: What would you tell another attorney who’s considering trying InsureSign out?

Andrew Werring: With the increased prevalence, and in some cases mandatory, signing of documents for electronic filing by using an “/s/ NAME” signature, I think the situation is ripe for abuse from all sides. I believe that the software and its simplicity allows for more assurance on the part of the “signor” that what they have consented to being filed is what is, in fact, filed.

With the ability to drag and drop any document into InsureSign, you can quickly create and email a proposed document for signing to a party without having to print, sign, and scan the same. It’s just simply quick and easy to use.

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