Meet an InsureSign User: Linda Hart

We had a great time this week talking with Linda Hart, IT manager for Smith Insurance.

Linda Hart, Smith Insurance

Linda Hart, Smith Insurance

InsureSign: How long has your agency used InsureSign, and how many people at Smith Insurance are users?

Linda: We’ve used the software since April 2014, and we have 33 users.

InsureSign: As the IT person there, how was the set up and roll out?

Linda: Very simple and easy. I went desk to desk to train everyone individually and show them, full circle, how InsureSign works for both agents and customers.   We played both roles, sending each other fake forms to sign so they could see what the insured gets. I wanted them to see how easy it was for them to set up documents for signing, and also how easy it is for the insured. And installing InsureSign was very simple and quick.

InsureSign: What was the reaction internally from the agents? How did they take to the new eSignature software?

Linda: The agents loved it, because – all of a sudden – they could get their forms back signed five minutes later. And then they can send them right off to the carrier, and it’s off their desk. It’s really sped up the processing of paperwork quite a bit here.

InsureSign: What do you think the main benefits have been for Smith Insurance? What has impacted your agency?

Linda: We love the speed now of closing deals. Agents no longer have a pile of papers on their desks waiting for signatures, or snail mail going back and forth or face-to-face appointments. It makes the process quicker for everyone. Insureds’ reactions have been very positive too.

Also, we now can drop a “field” every place we need signed or initialed, and our customers can’t send the form back until all of those the fields have been completed.

The team also absolutely loves the automatic reminders for customers to sign. They have some clients who historically have to be chased down for signatures, so the automatic reminders through InsureSign save them from having to do the chasing.

My team also likes the My Recent Documents section because they can go in there and check the documents’ signing statuses.

InsureSign: Do you use InsureSign for other lines of business or only personal?

Linda: We use it for both commercial and personal.

InsureSign: Have you heard anything from agents about their customers’ reaction?

Linda: Yes, customers say it’s great! It saves the customers a visit to the office, so that saves them time as well and they really appreciate that from us.

InsureSign: Thank you Linda, we appreciate your time.