Meet an InsureSign User: Kim Champion

The InsureSign team loves chatting with our users every chance we get. This week, we had the opportunity to catch up with Kim Champion, systems administration at ACBI Insurance, and she was kind enough to share her e-signature experience with us.

InsureSign: How long has Associated Community Brokers used InsureSign, and how many users do you have on the system?  

Kim: We started with InsureSign in 2013.  I honestly thought it was longer.  Was there life before InsureSign? It doesn’t seem that way.  We are up to 12 users now.

InsureSign: What did your team initially think about InsureSign? Were they excited to start using e-signatures? 

Kim: I don’t think “excited” was quite the word.  I was excited, but I am a bit of a technology nerd.  My team was reluctant to try something new.  Now my users absolutely love it, and even the ones who long for the “good old days of printing” have to admit that the end result is terrific.

InsureSign: What are some of your agency’s favorite InsureSign features? 

Kim: I love that it integrates with everything.  I can take an application from my management system, a Word doc or a PDF stored on my computer and a supplemental form from a carrier website and throw them all into one document. I love that it walks our clients through the process with links and pop ups telling them where to sign and where to click.

InsureSign: Have you heard any customer feedback? How do they like the e-signing process? 

Kim: I have had more than one client call me after signing and say, “That was really cool!”  They love it, and find it simple to use.

InsureSign: How has using InsureSign benefited your agency? 

Kim: InsureSign is an incredible time saver, and it saves us money in that documents don’t need to be printed, scanned or mailed.  It’s also a breeze to wrap up a sale in minutes. I believe our current stats are 100% document return with an average turnaround time of 20 minutes.

InsureSign: We hear that using InsureSign has saved you so much time that you recently had time to make 2,700 holiday cookies. What can you tell us about that? 

Kim: It’s true!  I have so much extra time on my hands because of efficient technology that I was able to take a week off and bake 2,700 Christmas cookies! My mom is also busy baking her heart out and between the two of us, we now have over 8,500 cookies to tray up and distribute.  It’s my favorite family holiday tradition!

InsureSign: Thanks for talking with us today, Kim, and happy holidays!