New York agency promotes employee efficiency with InsureSign contest

Becky - Bruce When you think about doing away with paperwork and switching to an e-signature solution, does that feel like a huge undertaking? We know many companies may perceive the change as one that requires lots of time, training and tech skills, but the opposite is true. Our software is designed to be so simple that no tech skills are needed, and setting up the first document for e-signing takes mere minutes.

But how can companies get past perception to encourage employees to try a new software for the first time (resulting in long-term adoption and time and cost savings)?

One insurance agency’s president came up with the perfect solution: a fun contest and a little healthy competition to get his team started using their new software: InsureSign’s e-signature solution.

Bruce S. Chapman, president of J.D. Chapman Agency in NY, told his team: The person who sends out the most documents for e-signing will win a $100 gift card to the place of the winner’s choice!

Meet the Winner

It was a close race, but Becky Carlsen (a Commercial CSR with the agency) won the gift card!

“If Bruce hadn’t offered such a great prize, I might not have ‘jumped on the bandwagon’ so quickly,” shares Becky. “But it was so easy to use InsureSign once I started, and I used it often during the contest for renewal quotes and ‘no loss’ letters. It was much faster than typing up a cover sheet and faxing it, and then waiting for it to be signed and faxed back to me. ‘No loss’ letters come with a time constraint, so InsureSign made my life much easier. “

Becky shared that the competition was close toward the end of the contest. “Camy, the runner up, did keep me on my toes during the final days. So score one for being fiercely competitive,” says Becky.

How the Contest Idea Came About

“We signed up for InsureSign because we’re part of the Empire Spectrum, an insurance marketing group, and most of the other members were already using it,” shares Bruce. “Soon after we signed up for InsureSign, few of our employees had yet to adopt the software.”

Bruce shared that made him think, “What could we do to jump start people using InsureSign? I knew it was a great tool and a huge time saver.”

Bruce says the idea for the contest was born from promos he receives from many of their insurance companies to write additional lines of business. “We’re used to getting promotions from companies that would share something along the lines of, ‘If you write new homeowners insurance, we’ll give you $25. That sparked this idea. It was well received and now our staff sees the value of InsureSign which has resulted in a substantial increase in usage.”