InsureSign now integrated with FinanceMaster, simplifying signing process for premium-finance agreements

InsureSign, today announces its partnership and integration with the FinanceMaster software system by Advanced Insurance Systems, Inc. Now insurance premium finance companies that use the software can offer agents and insureds a fully automated signing process that eliminates the tedious tasks of printing agreements for signing, and then faxing or mailing those documents for signing by the insured.

“Through our integration with InsureSign, we’ve now eliminated all manual intervention by the agent and the insured,” says Kristi Clark, with Advanced Insurance Systems, Inc. “Given that we generate thousands of web-based premium finance agreements every business day, we’re thrilled that our customers can now eliminate the process where each premium finance agreement must be printed and signed by the insurance agent and the insured.”

FinanceMaster user, FCF Premium Finance, is among the first to use InsureSign through the integration.

“Until recently, the agents still needed a physical signature for the financing portion of the process.  Now our agents can send our documents the same way they send the policy information, making them more efficient,” says Jonathan Keller, managing partner with FCF Premium Finance.

“Prior to InsureSign, our clients would have to meet in person, mail, or fax our contract to the insured for a physical signature. After that they had to fax or scan and email the contract back to us for processing,” adds Keller. “As the world has shrunk, many of our agents do business outside of their state of residence.  InsureSign has made this process easier by allowing them to quickly and efficiently get documents signed and processed.”

InsureSign, the only e-signature software designed to meet the specific needs of the insurance industry, is now used by more than 1,500 agencies across the world.

“Through our integration with FinanceMaster, we’re looking forward to helping premium finance companies simplify and speed up the signing process for finance agreements,” says Joe Floyd, president of InsureSign. “This integration means that all involved – from the finance companies to the agencies to the insureds – can enjoy a signing process that can be completed from anywhere on any device in mere minutes. Done and done.”

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About InsureSign
InsureSign improves the speed and ease at which insurance professionals close business. Unlike other e-signature providers, InsureSign does not offer a one-size-fits-all solution across all industries, but offers a suite of complementing features that make insurance agents’ lives easier. InsureSign’s convenient and easy-to-use features and “drag and drop” technology allow agents to complete paperwork set-up in less than one minute and then instantly send off for signing. InsureSign’s sign-from-anywhere feature lets customers return signed paperwork within minutes.


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