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Office Managers: Four easy online tools for increasing efficiency

If you’re an Office Manager, you know that running an office like a well-oiled machine takes work. Keeping track of schedules, organizing contracts and managing invoices can often feel like herding cats–so it’s important to have online tools that make your job easy.

Whether you’re managing a large company, a small business or an office that feels like a zoo, these four office management tools will make your job a whole lot simpler. 

Calendly: In the age of remote work, trying to organize schedules and client meetings can be challenging (to say the least). If you’re tired of the constant back-and-forth of scheduling, Calendly is for you. Calendly scans schedules to see open slots and then sends out calendar invites to the team–all in one platform.  

Cost: The premium plan starts at just $8/month per user. Try it free for 14 days:

Hipmunk: Booking travel details for yourself is tricky. Booking for multiple people in the office? Even trickier. Like most travel sites, Hipmunk easily allows for flight and hotel deal comparisons. But with their packages, you can simply book all trip details in one transaction.

Cost: Not only is Hipmunk free to use, it’ll end up saving your company money. (Can you say Christmas bonus?) Anyone who has had to track down a vendor for payment knows it’s about as easy and fun as a root canal. With Due, they can quickly send payments through the secure, online portal. Plus, Due makes it easy to reimburse employees or freelancers for travel expenses and meal reimbursement.  

Cost: The service is free, but Due charges a 2.8% transaction fee for domestic payments.

InsureSign: Whether you’re handling lease agreements, business contracts or new employee paperwork, InsureSign allows you to sign and send documents in minutes. Save time and eliminate the unnecessary steps of signing, scanning and printing… and tracking people down.

Cost: Starting at $15.95/month per user. Try it free for 14 days:

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