Chris Gingerich , InSureSign Director of IT

Our 6 Favorite Things about NetVU’s 2015 Conference

 head of InsureSign IT Chris Gingerich at NetVUThis is our third year as a silver partner with NetVU, and we love attending the network’s conferences.

Two weeks ago, we were in Indianapolis for the 2015 NetVU Conference.

To give you a peek into what made this year’s NetVU Conference so special, we checked in with the three InsureSign team members who were there – our president, Joe Floyd; our head of customer happiness, JP Peek; and our head of IT, Chris Gingerich – to get their “Top Six” highlights:

No. 1: Seeing our customers again, and meeting new ones.   With thousands of InsureSign users, we only get to meet a small percentage in person, and we love hearing they’re happy and putting faces with names and voices. We met so many great people last year. We loved reconnecting with them again, and seeing how many had moved up in their companies (congrats to all on their promotions!).head of customer happiness, JP Peek

No. 2: Picking the brains of our customers. We source 100% our new InsureSign product-development ideas from our customers, so we’re constantly asking them how we can improve InsureSign to make their lives easier. Our customers gave us many great ideas at the conference that we’ll be putting into development right away.

No. 3: Sharing doggie joy with attendees. At last year’s NetVU, our InsureSign dog bones were a big hit, so we had to “fetch” them again for 2015. The great thing about handing out doggie bones is that “dog parents” share pictures of their dogs with you, and are thrilled to have a special souvenir to bring home to “Fido.”

No. 4: Meeting InsureSigInsureSign President Joe Floydn advocates. We’d like to give a special shout-out to Vance Stine (of Sifford-Stine Insurance Agency)! We can’t thank him enough. While at NetVU, Vance brought potential customers to our booth! We loved seeing our customers spreading the word about InsureSign to others.

No. 5: Getting the opportunity to thank our ‘beta’ users for their help. We have an amazing team of beta testers who are currently helping us to perfect the soon-to-release version of InsureSign. One of our beta users, Lynn Bove (of CBS Coverage Group), has helped us through many tests of the new system, and is offering us feedback until the new version is released. We can’t thank her enough for her help, and we had a great time getting to know her better at the conference.

No. 6: Having people tell us we’re better. We had a few attendees come tell us that, compared to the e-sign competition, they liked us better. Always nice to hear your software is simpler and easier vs. “the more complicated one.”

A big thanks to the entire NetVU team for making 2015’s conference an amazing experience, and for all you do!

eSigning Off,

The InsureSign Team