Q&A with eSignature User, Christine Latulippe

Considering an esignature software? We recently sat down with Christine Latulippe, an agent from COBIA Insurance in Melbourne, Florida. COBIA has been using InsureSign for three months, and Christine’s feedback can help you decide if it’s right for you and your company.


Q) What was life like before InsureSign? How did you handle your paperwork before?

A) Oh my goodness, it was such a process. We would actually print applications, highlight the field where the client needed to sign, scan it back in, and email it to the client. They had to print it, sign, and send it back to us with a check. It was very time-consuming, and we were going through so much paper. esignature User, Christine Latulippe from COBIA Insurance

Q) How long have your team members been using InsureSign? Was there a learning curve for staff and clients after switching to InsureSign?

A) No learning curve at all! It’s very simple to use. We had no trouble explaining it to our clients. We’ve been using it around 2-3 months. The transition has been very easy.

Q) How have things changed since switching?

A) I can now process an application in the same day that I wrote the policy. We never receive forms missing signatures now, so that’s stopped us for having to send documents back to clients a second time. We used to have to send the same document multiple times.

Q) Do you have a favorite InsureSign feature?

A) I love the daily reminder! It reminds the client to sign and I don’t even have to think about it.

The first 14 days are always free with InsureSign. Start your free trial today by visiting this link.