Q&A: How an Atlanta startup hub simplifies event bookings

The coworking space and start-up hub trend is showing no signs of slowing. DeskMag’s 2018 Coworking Forecast estimates that, by the end of 2018, approximately 1.7 million people will be working in around 19,000 coworking spaces.

Atlanta’s Switchyards Downtown Club is a perfect example of that trend. Its 90-year-old building in downtown Atlanta is home to some of the city’s most interesting up-and-coming consumer brands — plus, Switchyards hosts exciting events for brands of all sizes.

We sat down with Kellie Coker, Events Coordinator at Switchyards, to see how an easy-to-use esignature software, InsureSign, is adding precious time back into her day — by simplifying the event-booking process.

Atlanta’s Switchyards Downtown Club- startup hub

InsureSign: So, what’s Switchyards?

Kellie Coker: We’re a B2C startup hub for design entrepreneurs. We also rent out our space for events, and have hosted some of the biggest brands in the world, like Google, CNN, WordPress and Uber.

InsureSign: How are you using InsureSign for Switchyards?

Kellie Coker: We use it for event rental and conference room rental agreements.

InsureSign: What was life like before InsureSign? How did you get documents signed before?

Kellie Coker: I was working out of Google Drive. We were basically typing up contracts using a template, populating it, then sending it to the client. They would send it back, then I’d have to send it to different people on my team to sign, then send it back to the client. It was a multistep process.

InsureSign: How have things changed since adopting InsureSign?

Kellie Coker: The process is seamless and much quicker and easier. It takes care of a lot of the steps I was doing manually.

Kellie Coker, Events Coordinator at SwitchyardsInsureSign: Tell us about your InsureSign experience so far. What features have been most useful?

Kellie Coker: I really like that once the signatures are all complete, it sends it out to all participants straight away. That was manual before, so it just takes care of it for me. It’s nice and saves me time.

InsureSign: What would you tell someone who’s considering trying InsureSign out?

Kellie Coker: I would ask them what they’re using now and how long it takes them. If they’re doing anything manual that InsureSign can simplify, I’d say just do it. It makes your life a little bit easier.

Whatever your business might be, InsureSign is here to make your day-to-day easier. Our esignature software is the easiest to use, and the first 14 days are always free. Start your free trial today by visiting this link.