woman leaving positive reviews on cellphone about e-signature software

Five ways to secure more positive reviews for your company

Remember the days when only restaurant and movie critics had a public platform to review businesses? (Talking to you, 20+ year olds.) Now, with Yelp and Google Reviews, every one of your customers can publicly tell the world what he/she thinks about your product or service – and affect your sales in the process.

woman leaving positive reviews on cellphone about e-signature software

Reviews matter. 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, so it’s in your best interest to try and get many positive ones as possible.

At InsureSign, we know a thing or two about the impact of positive online reviews. Our easy-to-use e-signature software has garnered triple-digit reviews on G2 Crowd (helping us rank No. 1 three times in a row). Our review profile on that website generates new customer leads for us on a monthly basis, resulting in increased revenue.

How can you too start securing more positive reviews for your business?

(Side note: Negative reviews can be detrimental to your business, so make sure you have happy, satisfied customers before beginning this process. If you don’t, start here first.)

Make sure you’re present on the right review platforms.

When customers begin their searches for a new service or product in your category, it’s important that they see your company as an option. Start by determining which review websites are go-tos in your industry, and then set up profiles there.

When choosing the right review websites, keep in mind that users are less likely to be snarky or “troll” you when their names and/or photos accompany the review. Sites like G2 Crowd and Facebook are great as they require reviewers to link to their existing social media accounts, whereas platforms like Yelp require nothing more than a name.

After that, it’s up to you to capture their attention at the right moment (we’ve got suggestions for that too!).

Convert positive experiences into reviews immediately.

We recommend asking customers for reviews immediately after they’ve had a positive experience with you. Incorporate a link to your favorite review website into “thank you” or purchase-confirmation emails, or use an automated text-messaging service to send out a review request after your customer has completed a transaction.

We believe in this concept so much that we incorporated it into our e-signature platform. Our software allows you to automatically direct your customers to any review website of your choice when they’ve finished signing your documents — making securing reviews as easy as securing signatures with InsureSign.

Integrate links to review websites into your communications channels.

Make it easier for customers to find you on your preferred review websites, while also giving them a gentle reminder, by including links to review pages in your email signature, on your website, in your e-blasts and e-newsletters (your subscribers likely already love your product or service), etc.

Reach out to your customers personally.

Customers love to feel valued, so why not build a strategy around that concept? You’ll get the best response by personally reaching out to happy customers and asking each individually if he/she would mind taking a minute to review you on your preferred website. Whether you reach out to loyal customers via phone or email, let them know how much their business means to you and ask that they share their experience with others.

Incentivize your patrons.

If you’re still having trouble convincing your customers to leave positive reviews, create a benefit for them. Incentivize your customers by offering discounts on their future purchases, or other goodies, in exchange for online reviews*. Not only will you secure reviews, but you’ll also give your customers a reason to shop with you again!

*Before creating an incentive campaign, be sure to look into the review site’s terms of service to make sure they don’t have regulations against them. Yelp, for example, has a strict policy against incentivizing reviews.

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