Meet Scrub Daddy’s secret for securing signatures swiftly

E-signature software and Scrub DaddyIf you watch “Shark Tank,” then you know that many brilliant entrepreneurs have found start-up success from the show.

But no product on “Shark Tank” has been as successful as Scrub Daddy.

Scrub Daddy’s original “smiley-faced” scrubber is now one among a full line of high-performance cleaning products. The company has reached more than $170 million in sales!

Aaron Krause, founder of “America’s Favorite Sponge,” recently took time to speak with us at InsureSign about how our e-signature software (ranked No. 1 for usability) has helped make life easier for the busy Scrub Daddy team (and for Aaron personally).

InsureSign: Before switching to InsureSign, how did you get documents signed?

Aaron: It was very complicated. It was either via fax, or we’d have to sign, scan and send back (and often the signed document wasn’t acceptable because it wasn’t readable or required a “wet” signature). I also used to save my signature as a JPEG and insert it into a PDF. Once I discovered InsureSign, it was transformative. I was doing it wrong before.

InsureSign: How is the Scrub Daddy team using InsureSign?

Aaron: The majority of our high volume signing needs are for NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) and CDAs (confidential disclosure agreements). We’ve also been using InsureSign for higher-level documents, like signatures on leases. I also use it personally, outside of the business, for lease and rental agreements.

InsureSign: What have been the biggest benefits to using our e-signature software?

Aaron: Now, with InsureSign, my employees can send documents out for signature, and I’m copied on the emails so I know when everything has been signed.  It saves me a lot of time from sending documents out for signing myself (since my employees can send them out on my behalf) and I’m copied on them. Also, having the signed documents in electronic format, and not having to file them somewhere, makes it easy to access everything electronically at any time – and also see in one place when it was signed.

Also, the customer service is really good, and Joe (InsureSign’s CEO) personally reached out to make sure we were happy. It looks like you all care about customer service, and we care about our customers the same way.

InsureSign: Thanks so much for choosing InsureSign, Aaron! We’re all running out to load up on Scrub Daddy products now.


If you’d like to see how you can use InsureSign to simplify your signing process too, visit to start a free 14-day trial (no credit card required).

What makes InsureSign different from other eSignature software?

Chess set -eSignature softwareAs 2018 draws to a close, we know you’re probably turning your thoughts to the new year. How can you make 2019 your best, most efficient, most profitable year yet?

We won’t say InsureSign’s digital signing software will solve all your problems (Becky in accounting is going to keep being Becky in accounting). However, we do offer a slate of easy-to-use, time-saving features at a price point that most businesses can accommodate comfortably—and you’ll be surprised how much time you can gain back with the right tools at your disposal.

So you might be wondering: why choose InsureSign over any other e-signature software? What makes InsureSign different?

The answer is… quite a few things! Below, we’ve walked through some of the features that most set us apart from the competition.

A suite of premium features you won’t find anywhere else.
Interested in securing signatures in your sleep with our Reusable Forms? Want to secure eSignatures via text message? Or in person? Would you like more Yelp reviews or social media likes? Check, check, check. InsureSign’s pro features were developed based on customer feedback, so they’re specifically designed to make the signing experience simpler and super easy for users. Learn more about pro features here.

  1. Simply the easiest eSignature software to use.
    We’ve heard again and again from our customers that InsureSign is the easiest-to-use eSignature software on the market. What’s more, we’ve been named G2 Crowd’s No. 1 eSignature software for usability and customer service three times in a row – so now it’s official.
  2. Risk-free, contract-free.
    New users can take us for a spin for free (no credit card required) for 14 days. And once you sign up, you can enjoy our service without any pesky contracts. All users can take advantage of unlimited signatures, documents and templates each month. The sky’s the limit.
  3. Dedicated customer service via phone, email or chat.
    Sure, InsureSign is easy and intuitive to use – but don’t worry, our customer support team is always standing by. Get in touch with us using whatever medium you like best, and we’ll walk you through the answers to any questions you might have.
  4. Tons of time-saving “bells and whistles” without a steep learning curve (or price tag).
    We offer a slew of automated time-saving features for users across industries. Automatic reminders, auto-archiving and easy document retrieval/redos– the list goes on. Plus, all of these features are easy to access and manage from the InsureSign platform, so you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Better value, plus a service upgrade: the InsureSign advantage is clear. But don’t take our word for it – you can try InsureSign risk-free for 14 days and see for yourself. Click here to learn more about our free trial.

How to use InsureSign’s new integration with Applied Epic

Good news for Applied Epic users: the signing process just got easier. InsureSign, the simple eSigning software trusted by thousands of insurance professionals, is now fully integrated with the Applied Epic agency management system.

Applied Systems agencies can now enjoy a more seamless and automated signing process… plus, they can easily take advantage of the many added conveniences offered by the eSignature tool ranked No. 1 for usability.

eSignature Software - Applied Epic

Ready to give it a try? Securing signatures using this new integration is easy:

1.) From Applied Epic, visit the customer profile and upload the document you’d like signed to the “Attachments” screen.
Any file type will work.

2.) Right-click the document and select “Send to signature.”
This will open the InsureSign platform – directly from Applied Epic!

3.) “Drag and drop” your signature and information fields on top of your document.
It just takes a second. Note: No need to place fields every time, you can create one-click templates for commonly used forms.

4.) Send off to the customer for signing.
Since your customer’s information is already in the Epic system, his/her email address will auto-populate. No need to hunt down contact info or make sure it’s typed incorrectly. You can also schedule auto-reminders at this time, completely eliminating the need to prod your signer by email or phone. Once you’ve sent the form off, your signer won’t be able to submit it until every field is filled in. No more incomplete forms!

5.) Once your document is signed and returned, simply drag it back to Applied Epic to attach to the customer’s file.
And you’re done. Nothing to print, nothing to upload, nothing to file.

Plus, InsureSign has tons of “bells and whistles” designed to save you time, eliminate steps and reinforce your agency’s brand.

Curious? InsureSign offers a risk-free trial for 14 days so you can experience the difference for yourself. Get started today.

Super-easy signing: Meet the eSignature software ranked No. 1 for usability on G2 Crowd

super easy signing Familiar with G2 Crowd? If you use any kind of business software, you probably are. G2 Crowd is the world’s leading business solutions review website — and InsureSign has nabbed the No. 1 ranking for eSignature software for usability and customer service in its Summer 2018 Report.

We also currently have the highest rated eSignature software tool for overall satisfaction on G2 Crowd, with 4.9 out of 5 possible stars (a 97 percent satisfaction score).

It’s all thanks to our awesome users who took the time to review us on G2Crowd.

If you’re new to InsureSign, we can offer you the simplest, fastest and most secure way to get documents signed electronically. Your customers can easily sign your documents from their laptops, tablets and mobile devices – and even via text message.

What makes InsureSign so simple to use — and the easiest way to get your documents signed?

    • We’re not about “red tape” or limitations. Take us for a spin for free (no credit card required) for 14 days. Enjoy our service without pesky contracts. And all users can take advantage of unlimited signatures, documents and templates each month. The sky’s the limit.
    • We make setting up and sending off documents for signing as easy as 1, 2, 3.
      1) Upload any document (or multiple documents at once) of any file type.
      2) Drag and drop signature fields where you want them.
      3) Send off for signing. The whole process only takes a minute.
      Note: Easily avoid step 2 by creating one-click templates for your commonly used forms.
    • We offer a slew of automated time-saving features. With one click, schedule auto-reminder daily or weekly emails about unsigned documents. Look at document statues at a glance. Enjoy automatic archiving and more.
  • We make life simple for your customers too. Even your least tech-savvy customers will say, “Wow, that’s easy!” after signing your documents.

We also offer a premium plan you won’t find anywhere else that includes a unique suite of innovative features, including text-message signing, in-person signing, reusable forms, a tool for securing company reviews and more.

We’re grateful to our tens of thousands of users across industries who trust us to make their lives easier.

If you’d like to take InsureSign for a spin, start your free risk-free 14 day trial now.

4 reasons InsureSign is the easiest eSignature tool to use.

 1. The easiest document set-up. With InsureSign‘s eSignature tool, you simply send your document (of any file type) to the virtual InsureSign printer and it’s instantly converted into one that can be eSigned.  eSignature tool

2. Simple “drag and drop” signature fields. Where do you want initials? Signatures? Information fields? Drag fields, drop them, enter the recipient’s email and hit send!

3. Easy signing from any device and via text message. Do business while you’re on the go. Even your least tech savvy customers will say, “That’s so easy!”

4. Automatic time-saving features. All of your signed documents are automatically backed up and stored with complete audit trails; and you can schedule automatic emails to your customers reminding them to sign.

Are you ready to switch to the industry’s simplest eSignature tool to get your documents signed?  Try InsureSign for yourself. Start your free trial, no credit card required.

Texas agency saves time with eSignature software

Stefani O’Donald uses eSignature SoftwareWe’re proud to have called Texas Associates Insurors a client of ours for the last two years. Recently, we checked in with Stefani O’Donald, branch manager at the Smithville office, to see how everything was going.

InsureSign: Tell us a little about yourself and your agency.

Stefani: I’ve been with the agency for 23 years, and in addition to being the Smithville branch manager, I’m also a commercial lines account manager.

Texas Associates Insurors is a full service, independent insurance agency. We offer personal, commercial, life and health insurance and contract bonds. Our home office is located in Austin, with another three branch offices in Texas with more than 50 employees.

InsureSign: What was it like setting up your first document for eSigning?

Stefani: I was one of the first testers at the agency, and I remember that the eSignature software was very user friendly. I heard many comments from employees during training about how much time it would save us.

InsureSign: How has the switched changed things for your customers?

Stefani: It’s great for our customers because not everyone has the capability to print out documents, but most everyone has a smart phone. As soon as they sign our document from their mobile device, it shoots right back to me.

Some of our customers don’t have time to come in the office or print our documents, so they love the access and usability.

InsureSign: What are some of your favorite features?

Stefani: I love how fast it is, and that I can simply click and drag fields where I want the customer’s signature.

InsureSign: How has InsureSign saved you time?

Stefani: In the past, when we mailed documents for signing, we’d have to print them out and put yellow tabs where we wanted our customers to sign. If we emailed the documents, then we’d have to highlight where we’d want them to sign. We would still get back incomplete forms occasionally, and sometimes the customer would miss a page completely. With InsureSign, there’s no way to send back an incomplete form.

Also, now that we don’t have to print, highlight where to sign and scan them back in or mail them, we’re saving as much as 10 minutes per document delivery. That time adds up at a busy agency like ours.

I think it’s a pretty slick product and I can’t imagine why we went so long without it.

InsureSign: What agency-management software does your company use?

Stefani: We use Applied.

InsureSign: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Stefani!


To try InsureSign for free for 30 days, click here.

Four Ways Our eSignature Software Can Save You Even More Time

With our eSgnature software, eSignatures Software on laptopthousands of insurance professionals have each freed up a few hours every workday (for a total of what might be hundreds of thousands of hours saved each year through InsureSign).

How? All that time that was once spent printing, scanning, faxing and mailing documents for signing is now open.

In addition to minimizing time spent on the insured signing process, InsureSign can also help your agency free up valuable time in several other ways.

No. 1 – Increase the time savings across all agency departments

Do you have association memberships up for renewal? New vendor agreements? Internal employee documents?

Give the gift of time to others within your agency by educating them about all the ways InsureSign can be used across job functions, from HR to marketing to IT to the front desk.

No. 2: Create time-saving InsureSign templates, don’t reinvent the wheel

Once someone within your agency has created a template for any document you all frequently use, then all employees with an InsureSign account can access those templates at any time.

Time spent setting up a template? Often less than one minute. Time spent sending off a template for signing? The mere seconds it takes to enter the recipient’s email and hit “send.” Sure, both are quite fast, but one minute vs. a few seconds = somewhere around a 1000-percent savings in time per document! 

No. 3: Eliminate all unnecessary follow-up

Are you finding yourself following up with customers a lot? Asking, “Did my fax come through?” Or, “The document is missing a few signatures, can you resubmit?”With our eSignature software, eSignatures Software on laptopthousands of insurance professionals have each freed up a few hours every workday (for a total of what might be hundreds of thousands of hours saved each year through InsureSign). Or even, “Have you had a chance to look at the signing documents?”

No more. You can use InsureSign to see, at a glance, who’s viewed the documents, whether they’ve been signed or not, and schedule automated follow-ups.

As for the hassles of incomplete documents, your customers cannot submit a document missing signatures or other fields.   All of your required fields must be completed for them to hit “send.” (And then the insured automatically gets a confirmation email so they know all has been received!   

No. 4: Stop wasting time picking up ‘breadcrumbs’

Do you need to look at a signed document from last year? Or are you facing a court case and need all background on when a document was signed?

Easy. We store all signed documents for easy retrieval at any time. And each signed document comes with a complete audit trail so, if you’re questioned, you have all the answers you’ll need in one place.

Now you and the rest of your agency can deal with the delightful dilemma of, “How should we spend our extra time?”



Q&A: Insurance agent answers, ‘Which eSignature software is best?’

Gary - eSignature softwareRecently, we sat down with Gary Krigbaum, an agent/broker and IT administrator for Wilson Paves and Associates in California. Gary, who has used both InsureSign and the “other” eSignature solution, shared his experiences with us.

InsureSign: How long have you been using InsureSign, and how has it been so far?

Gary: We have used InsureSign for more than a year now and all of our users and clients love it. It is easy to use for the originator as well as the clients. We have found that the turnaround time is 24 hrs or less to receive the completed signed docs back from the client.

InsureSign: Had your agency used any other eSignature solutions in the past?

Gary: Due to the fact that we are a Vertafore AMS360 online agency, we tried Docusign. But we found that attempting to attach additional documents outside of the AMS management system was cumbersome, difficult and more expensive.

Our agency writes a large book of business that requires supplemental applications, finance agreements and forms to sign for various miscellaneous items as well as our own forms that we include with new or renewal proposals. It’s easy with InsureSign’s print driver: we browse to a folder to bring all forms together, quickly prepare them for signature and email out.

John and Gary -eSignature software

Gary with Wilson, Paves & Associates’ president, John

After all the forms are completed, the “final” email comes to the user with the audit trail of all transactions. We then attach that email to the client in AMS360 as an Activity.

InsureSign: Now that you’ve used both, which would you recommend for insurance agencies?

I would highly recommend using InsureSign for the above reasons, AND you get a bonus with the “Superior” support. I have been doing the IT Administration for more than 15 years with this agency, and have never worked with a better one-on-one support team! Hats off to that team!

InsureSign: Thank you, Gary!


Top 4 Reasons 1,000+ Agencies Use InsureSign for e-Signing

Break out the confetti because we’re celebrating a major milestone: Our e-signatures are now used by more than 1,000 insurance agencies across the country. Across those agencies, thousands of insurance professionals are using our simple and secure e-Signing to make their lives easier and to close more deals.e-Signing with InsureSign Mobile

Why us? Here are insurance professionals’ top four reasons for choosing InsureSign.

No. 1: They like doing things the easy way. Our e-signatures are the fastest and easiest way to get documents signed. Setting up paperwork for signing takes just a minute. It’s as simple as “dragging and dropping” signature fields where you need them, and then hitting “send.”

No. 2: They want service providers that are experts in the insurance industry. InsureSign is the only eSignature software designed specifically for insurance agencies. Other providers offer “one size fits all” solutions across industries.

No. 3: They love eliminating time-wasting tasks. No more faxing, scanning, printing and mailing documents for signing ever again. And no more incomplete forms; it’s impossible for customers to submit an e-Signed document if any field is missing.

No. 4: They want top-level safety and security. No more worrying about private documents lying around. All documents signed with InsureSign are digitally tamper-proof, securely transmitted, and come with complete audit trails.

Thanks to all the awesome insurance professionals who’ve chosen us for e-Signing with InsureSign Mobile, it’s our pleasure to be of service to you.