RENOSI™ uses e-sign software to help simplify the nonprofit registration process.

Kelly B. Puckett,, optimizing nonprofit registration

Kelly B. Puckett, COO of RENOSI, Inc.

Setting up a nonprofit and renewing its status annually can be tedious and time consuming.

That’s why RENOSI provides nonprofits with a simple and fast solution for “getting and keeping their tax-exempt status” so they can focus on fundraising and providing much-needed services.

Recently, we caught up with Kelly B. Puckett, COO of RENOSI, Inc., to learn how the company was making its simple, hassle-free solution for nonprofits even easier with InsureSign’s e-signature software.

InsureSign:  Tell us a little about RENOSI’s switch to using an e-signature software.

Kelly: Our employees were very excited to hear we were getting e-signature software because we were mailing so many documents for approval to our nonprofit members and the response time was causing a slowdown in our registration process.  It wasn’t uncommon for the staff to be calling a member for months asking that they sign and return the paperwork.  As soon as we switched to InsureSign, I noticed the nonprofit registration processing efficiency increased dramatically.

InsureSign:  What’s been the reaction from your employees?

Kelly: They love InsureSign’s scheduled auto-reminders that go out via email to remind members to sign the documents.  Each of our staff members have 500+ groups to manage, so having a streamlined system to remind members to return the needed documentation has been invaluable.  It’s also great to quickly glance in the InsureSign system and see which documents haven’t been signed so additional follow-up can be done if necessary.

InsureSign: Do you have any advice for other companies thinking about doing away with paperwork and switching to InsureSign?

Kelly: If anyone is contemplating switching to an e-signature system, stop thinking about it and just do it.  You’ll save so much time and money, and your customers will love the convenience of signing documents on their phone, tablet or computer.  That convenience is a win-win for everyone.

InsureSign: Thanks Kelly, we know all of your nonprofit members are grateful to have your services to make registration simple, and we thank you for choosing InsureSign to help eliminate the paperwork and making the signing process as easy as using RENOSI.