The best e-signature software, according to real users

Not all e-signature software products are created equal. The right digital-signing software can save your business more time and money, so take time choosing the best one for you.

Websites like G2 Crowd (No. 1 in the world for business-software reviews) make the selection process easier. With thousands of real user reviews of more than 50 e-signature software, you can quickly see who’s rated the highest. We’re InsureSign, the e-signing tool with the highest overall rating on G2 Crowd and are known for being super simple to use.

Though we outrank all e-signature providers on G2 Crowd, here are three side-by-side comparisons of us vs. a few of our better-known competitors (all based on real user reviews):

What is it about InsureSign that inspires that top-of-the-charts ranking?

Our setup process is more seamless.

At InsureSign, we know your time is precious, so we’ve made sure adopting and implementing our software is quick and seamless. When it comes to ease of setup, our users gave us a 97 percent rating — much higher than our competitors DocuSign (85), RightSignature (92) and HelloSign (93).

Our interface allows you to set up and send your first document for signing in minutes — and, since there’s no download required with InsureSign, your account itself can be up and running in seconds.

Upon sign-up, we’ll connect you with dedicated customer assistance to helping you navigate the setup process. Our service team will be with you for the long haul and won’t disappear after you’re up and running (but more on that below).

We think Jeff G. summed up our ease of setup pretty well when he said:

“I like the slimmed down, ease of use interface. I feel like it is self explanatory so that it doesn’t take hardly any training for a brand new user to feel comfortable using…”

Our customer support is award-winning.

At InsureSign, customer happiness is one of our top priorities, which has helped us rank as the No. 1 e-signature software for customer relationships. Our support team is constantly attuned to customer needs; in fact, our biggest innovations often come from user suggestions.

Users gave our quality of support a 97 percent rating — 11 percent higher than DocuSign. Overall, our “ease of doing business with” score is an industry-high 99 percent.

Great customer service can go a long way; just ask the anonymous user who had this to say about InsureSign:

“The communication from the top down with the company has been wonderful. They are always helpful. They encourage us to give them feedback and actually listen to what we have to say. If there has ever been an issue they have always been on top of it…”

Our e-signature software is the easiest to use.

Setup isn’t the only thing that’s effortless with InsureSign. Users have named us an industry leader in usability time and time again, and we outrank all three major competitors in document creation, ease of use and ease of administration.

Our interface is incredibly straightforward, so your employees and customers can navigate the three-step process (setup, send, sign) with ease.

Here’s what Larry O., a real InsureSign user, had to say about his experience using InsureSign:

“InsureSign was selected because of its ease to use and price. My customers have absolutely no problems esigning our documents…. So far, none of my customers have called to say they couldn’t log in and complete the esigning steps… Great product that I would highly recommend!”

We offer time-saving innovations that are the simplest to use on the market.

Our suite of innovative features ensures that you won’t just get your documents signed; you’ll also save time and make your customers’ lives easier.

Whether it’s access to signing on mobile devices, mass signature collection or helpful add-on features like reminders and expirations, InsureSign outperforms DocuSign, HelloSign and RightSignature in it all.

We also offer our users a Premium Plan with a suite of features designed to save you even more time:

  • Text-message signing: Enhance the customer experience by reaching your customers via whichever medium is most convenient for them — including SMS messaging.
  • Redirect your customers: Secure more social media likes or service reviews by choosing which site your customers are directed to after finishing the signing process.
  • Gmail and Outlook integration: Connect your Gmail and Outlook contacts to InsureSign for quick document sending.
  • Reusable forms: Secure signatures in your sleep by creating a reusable form that can be filled out and signed over and over again by an unlimited number of signers.

In the end, it really all boils down to overall performance and reliability, an area in which our customers gave us a near-perfect 97 percent rating (compared to our competitors’ scores in the low 90s).

Carlynne F., a current InsureSign customer, put it this way:

“There is nothing that I dislike with this product. It is very easy to use and has become a profitable investment for the company. The customers love it.”


Interested in learning more about how we stack up against DocuSign, HelloSign and Right Signature? A full comparison report of all three can be viewed here. If you’d like to see how we compare to software not mentioned, we’re happy to provide an in-depth comparison report for you — just email us.

How to grow a business: Four software recommendations from InsureSign’s CEO

b2b software recommendations from InsureSign CEOThere’s nothing quite like the magical moment when you realize: there’s a tool that can do that thing that’s taking up all of your time.

In fact, that’s exactly why my company was born. Back in 2012, I became annoyed that a simple signature tool didn’t exist … so we created it. It’s one of those software products that instantly makes your day-to-day that much simpler.

Every day, I use a slew of other tech products designed to make businesses more efficient. Listed below are several tools we use at InsureSign to maximize our employees’ time, gain better insights that support our sales efforts, and streamline workflow. Who knows—maybe one of these will relieve a pain point in your own business.

Software Recommendations for Business Owners

  • Intercom builds a suite of messaging-first products that all modern online businesses can use to accelerate growth across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition, to engagement, and support. This tool has directly helped our sales and supports our efforts that directly led to our recent ranking: G2 Crowd’s best eSignature software.
  • AskNicely helps us get feedback from our customers on a continuous basis. It helps InsureSign drive customer happiness by collecting feedback directly after an experience and enabling your team to take action immediately.
  • Chargify keeps our billing straight with minimal effort from our small, busy team. This company offers “elastic billing,” which translates to hyper-personalized offers for customers as the first step in building lasting relationships.
  • Chartmogul automates your subscription revenue and customer reporting. Just connect your data and ChartMogul will calculate and visualize your most important metrics. These insights have been incredibly useful for us, helping us evaluate the success of our sales team—and reward them accordingly.

Of course, I have to mention InsureSign: an e-signature software designed to simplify any forms, signed agreements and/or contracts. InsureSign takes a pen-and-paper process and turns it into a simple, immediate mouse-or-finger process. Demo InsureSign here.

Top Nine Digital Tools for Realtors

This guest post is contributed by Square 1 Group, a company specializing in real estate web design.

The digital revolution has transformed real estate. From streaming video tours to remote offices to mobile-friendly map searches, enterprising agents have a whole new universe of possibilities when it comes to conducting business and connecting with clients.

In this post, we’ll show you the top nine digital tools for realtors, so you can take full advantage of the tech innovation driving the real estate market.Digital Tools for realtors

  1. Matterport

Professional-quality photo galleries are already standard on real estate websites, but they’re rapidly being overtaken by the next new thing: virtual tours! 3D digital imaging is a major asset to any real estate agency trying to generate leads online, allowing you to showcase properties to buyers and showcase your tech and marketing savvy to sellers looking for expert representation. We like Matterport because it combines an intuitive interface with stellar design.

  1. InsureSign

Signatures are a non-negotiable part of real estate transactions, but Insuresign helps you take the grunt work out of paperwork. Insuresign boasts unlimited documents, signatures, and templates per month. Developed for convenience, it’s easy to use across multiple devices including tablets and smartphones. An invaluable tool for any agent managing time-sensitive real estate transactions remotely

     3. Evernote

Real estate agents have to keep track of innumerable small scraps of information, many collected on the fly over the course of a busy day. Evernote helps you file and manage your notes, giving you a single organized virtual desktop where you can archive notes on any subject. Sketches for your website? Notes for a blog post? Contact info for a client you met standing in line to order lunch? Evernote keeps it safe for you.

    4. Skitch

Skitch is a new tool created by Evernote, and we love it so much we wanted to give it its own spot on this list. Evernote was built to hold the miscellaneous scraps of paper that are so difficult to file. Skitch was designed to make it super easy to make marks on images. Making your client a map? Just grab a screenshot from Google Earth and draw the route before you shoot it over to them. Or say your client has asked you to check in with the seller about part of the interior – snap a photo, jot down some quick notes, and archive it for your file.

    5. Curb Call

You know how it important it is to capture client interest with a rapid response. Curb Call is like Lyft for real estate agents. It will send you a notification if there’s a client wanting to tour a nearby listing ASAP. If you’re not available, you can hit a red “panic” button that notifies your team members so that someone else can step in.

   6. Open Home Pro

Open houses give you the opportunity to collect information from a crowd of leads. Open Home Pro helps you manage every piece of info you collect. No more data entry at day’s end, no more illegible signatures on your sign-in sheets, and no more tedious guest lists. Open Home Pro manages your open house address book from start to finish.

   7. Contactually

Customer relationship management software is a must-have for entrepreneurs whose business depends on cultivating leads. Contactually goes further than managing your leads and contacts – it manages your relationships, scheduling reminders and notifications so that you never miss a step.

   8. Placester

Successful real estate websites incorporate IDX search function, which pulls listing data from your MLS so that clients can easily search for properties on your site. IDX web builders are an enormous asset, but they can come with a steep price tag. We like Placester because it offers you the same slick, user-friendly functionality at a fraction of the price. It also uses WordPress, the current standard for website platforms.

    9. BombBomb

Email marketing allows you to reach hundreds of clients at a time, but part of that efficiency comes at the cost of personal connection. Bring personality back into digital communication with video email communiques! BombBomb lets you record, send, and track video email – and if you can use a smartphone and an email account, you’ll have no trouble operating this user-friendly app like a pro.

About the Author: Square 1 Group is a boutique web development team based in Los Angeles, California. Our design and digital marketing expertise makes us an ideal fit for real estate agencies looking to expand their business online. We provide all our clients with individualized support and maintenance, online marketing services, and content creation, and we are passionate about delivering premium quality at an affordable price.

Going green: Three software options for an eco-friendly small business

Environmentally-friendly business practices aren’t just a “nice to have” anymore. As stakeholders, clients and customer bases increasingly demand them, small business owners sometimes struggle to keep up.

Don’t worry, though! There are some affordable software tools you can use to adopt green practices… and maybe even save some money.

eco-friendly software options

  • Slack
    Many employers are already aware of Slack, the collaboration and project management tool that streamlines communication between team members. What they might not realize, however, is that a centralized place for project communication allows employees to work remotely more easily. Check out this infographic from WebEx, based on data from Global Workforce Analytics, to see how working remotely just 50% of the time could affect our planet.

Get the basic version free:

  • Rapport
    Most sustainability software is designed for big budgets: corporations with sustainability departments, or big businesses trying to tweak their resource consumption. With Rapport, those tools are available to small businesses, too. Rapport takes your utility data and shows you how to save money while reducing the environmental impact of your company. Although the price tag might seem high to small business owners, Rapport’s insights can help you slash expenses in other places.

Starting at $99/month per site:

  • InsureSign
    Switching to an e-signature solution won’t just reduce your consumption of paper and envelopes–it also reduces the need for gas-guzzling mail couriers and delivery services. Plus, you’ll save tons on the hard costs associated with the “old way” of doing business, like postage and paper. InsureSign is the easiest e-signature software to use and completely secure.

    Starting at $15.95/month per user. Try it free for 14 days:

Do you have a tip for running a green small business? Let us know on Twitter @insuresign!

Tools for Freelancers & Contractors: Getting Ahead in the Gig Economy

Tools for Freelancers and contractorsAre you a freelancer? If you’re not now, you might be soon. A recent report from Intuit projects that by the year 2020, more than 40% of workers in the U.S. alone will be part of the gig economy.

But what about the structures we’re leaving behind with traditional businesses? The good news is this: technology can bridge a lot of the gaps left by shedding the old business model. No billing department? No office phone line? No problem. Below are a few affordable tools you can use to make your new solo business run more smoothly, giving you more time to focus on work… and making money.

  • Timely (
    Track your time and keep tabs on your project budgets with this smart time tracking app. Timely can also help you forecast your time weeks in advance, so you can plan your schedule and identify any free time for new projects.
  • Flip (
    One of the downsides of freelancing: it’s tough to keep your professional and personal life separate. This service gives you the ability to use multiple phone numbers from the same device, helping you reserve your personal cell number for talking to your friends and family.
  • InsureSign (
    Signed agreements protect you by making sure your clients and partners deliver on their promises. No need to be limited by time or distance, though! With InsureSign, the easiest-to-use e-signature service on the market, you can secure signed, initialed, and checked fields in minutes. You can even deliver messages by text message if your work takes you on the road.
  • Hootsuite (
    Social media isn’t a “nice to have” anymore—it’s a critical way that potential clients and customers interact with brands, big and small. You’re your own brand, so get your message out there! Hootsuite lets you schedule posts in advance and monitor Facebook and Twitter from one simple-to-use interface.

Whether you’re considering making the leap from a 9-5 or you’re already living the freelancer life, technology can be the key to making your dreams reality. Take a few minutes and research one of these digital tools for freelancers today.

Four Tech Tools for Savvy Attorneys

Technology—it touches every corner of our lives in the 21st century. To stay competitive in a tech-driven world, smart attorneys are increasingly turning to digital tools to save time and expedite essential processes.

Unsure of where to begin? Below are four useful tools and services that can save litigators hours—without sacrificing a polished, professional practice.

    1. Ruby Receptionists: No matter how big or small your practice is, your clients should reach a friendly, professional receptionist whenever they call. Ruby Receptionists offers a live answering service for your business, operating completely remotely. They even have bilingual associates on staff to field calls from your Spanish-speaking clients.
    1. CaseText: This service’s CARA tool will save you hours of research by allowing you to search statutes, cases and regulations in seconds. You can upload your document directly, which CARA will search to find the most relevant, up-to-date precedent.
    1. Dragon Dictation: This tool is helpful for thinking through opening and closing arguments, or for taking notes on the go. Dragon Dictation’s voice-to-text transcriptions can be sent as an email, a text, or pasted into an app or a document.
  1. InsureSign: Paperwork is a fact of litigator life, but it doesn’t need to be painful. InsureSign’s e-signature software is the easiest to use, allowing you to secure signed agreements in minutes. No more recreating the wheel every time you need a new contract—you can save templates you use often and add fields for signatures, initials, or checkboxes wherever you’d like.  

With the wide array of tech tools available to attorneys in 2017, you can simplify, automate and outsource your way to a better practice. Try something new today.