Joe Floyd, founder InsureSign

Taking on Google: Four Survival Tips for Independent Agents

For the tens of thousands of independent insurance agencies across the country, Google’s news about entering the “insurance marketplace” may feel like a shot to the gut. (More from Insurance Journal)

Joe Floyd

Joe Floyd, president of InsureSign

By using digital tools like InsureSign and leveraging your local presence, you can be in a better position to succeed. Why?

Because Google and similar companies are completely online.

Agents doing things the “old way” are completely offline.

As a tech-savvy agent, you can master both local and online to take on the competition and win.

No. 1: Invest in Online. Has your website been optimized for key terms your potential customers are searching for on Google? It’s now more important than ever to make sure your website is easily found. Granted, it’s impossible to compete with the big players on terms like “best car insurance” or “best rental insurance,” but you need to be sure you’re optimizing for terms key to your local service areas, like “car insurance in Dallas, GA.”

Don’t have a big budget for search-engine optimization? Create regular, fresh content for your website (blog articles, news announcements, etc.), and post consistently. Fresh and frequent content helps with organic search-engine rankings.

No. 2: Become More Social. What do you have over Google? You’re local, you understand local customer needs better and you have lots of key insights to offer insureds. Become active on social media sharing relevant news and insights with your existing and potential customers. And the new blog content you create for your website? That’s great content to share on social media to direct people back to your website (helping to improve your organic search-engine optimization even more).

No. 3: Use eSignatures. Competing with online insurance providers may seem daunting. But, once you start using e-signatures, you can service accounts no matter where your customers are. With e-signatures made for insurance professionals, there’s nothing stopping you from competing with anyone – local or online. With InsureSign, your location suddenly becomes global.

No 4: Emphasize The Personal Approach. A large number of new customers will always come from personal referrals and relationships. Now is the time to highlight to your customers that, by working with you, they’ll always have one direct contact – versus being sent to a call center or a message board – and someone personally invested in saving them money. People like dealing with people, not automated robots.

Tell us, how are you preparing your agency for Google’s entry into insurance?

Joe Floyd is president of InsureSign, and he and his team have spent more than a decade developing insurance-industry software.  

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