The InsureSign of the Future

At InsureSign, we’re constantly working on the next features and services that’ll make our customers lives easier.

With our focus always toward the future, we checked in with our president, Joe Floyd, to see where e-signatures are heading and what’s next for InsureSign.

What technological trends do you see for e-signatures in the future?

Joe: I think e-signatures will become more easily integrated into more companies’ processes. So far, we have only scratched the surface of use cases and the ease of integration will drive growth. Also, mobile devices will become more and more integrated into the process. For instance, the fingerprint detection capabilities of the latest phones is a natural progression for user identity verification.

Do you see InsureSign diversifying its services and products to include new markets?

Joe: Yes, we have already begun that process. One of our current projects is flexible, compliant e-signed intake forms for medical offices. While we started in insurance (an industry where simplicity and security are of the utmost importance), we are already making moves into other markets, taking what we have learned with us.

What will InsureSign be like in the future?

Joe: We want our e-signature and e-forms solutions to be the simplest, most secure options for business of all sizes. That has been the hallmark of our products from the beginning, and we see no reason to change. Others can add complicated bells and whistles, but we intend to keep our user experience as clean and elegant as possible.