Tools for Freelancers & Contractors: Getting Ahead in the Gig Economy

Tools for Freelancers and contractorsAre you a freelancer? If you’re not now, you might be soon. A recent report from Intuit projects that by the year 2020, more than 40% of workers in the U.S. alone will be part of the gig economy.

But what about the structures we’re leaving behind with traditional businesses? The good news is this: technology can bridge a lot of the gaps left by shedding the old business model. No billing department? No office phone line? No problem. Below are a few affordable tools you can use to make your new solo business run more smoothly, giving you more time to focus on work… and making money.

  • Timely (
    Track your time and keep tabs on your project budgets with this smart time tracking app. Timely can also help you forecast your time weeks in advance, so you can plan your schedule and identify any free time for new projects.
  • Flip (
    One of the downsides of freelancing: it’s tough to keep your professional and personal life separate. This service gives you the ability to use multiple phone numbers from the same device, helping you reserve your personal cell number for talking to your friends and family.
  • InsureSign (
    Signed agreements protect you by making sure your clients and partners deliver on their promises. No need to be limited by time or distance, though! With InsureSign, the easiest-to-use e-signature service on the market, you can secure signed, initialed, and checked fields in minutes. You can even deliver messages by text message if your work takes you on the road.
  • Hootsuite (
    Social media isn’t a “nice to have” anymore—it’s a critical way that potential clients and customers interact with brands, big and small. You’re your own brand, so get your message out there! Hootsuite lets you schedule posts in advance and monitor Facebook and Twitter from one simple-to-use interface.

Whether you’re considering making the leap from a 9-5 or you’re already living the freelancer life, technology can be the key to making your dreams reality. Take a few minutes and research one of these digital tools for freelancers today.