Top 4 Reasons 1,000+ Agencies Use InsureSign for e-Signing

Break out the confetti because we’re celebrating a major milestone: Our e-signatures are now used by more than 1,000 insurance agencies across the country. Across those agencies, thousands of insurance professionals are using our simple and secure e-Signing to make their lives easier and to close more deals.e-Signing with InsureSign Mobile

Why us? Here are insurance professionals’ top four reasons for choosing InsureSign.

No. 1: They like doing things the easy way. Our e-signatures are the fastest and easiest way to get documents signed. Setting up paperwork for signing takes just a minute. It’s as simple as “dragging and dropping” signature fields where you need them, and then hitting “send.”

No. 2: They want service providers that are experts in the insurance industry. InsureSign is the only eSignature software designed specifically for insurance agencies. Other providers offer “one size fits all” solutions across industries.

No. 3: They love eliminating time-wasting tasks. No more faxing, scanning, printing and mailing documents for signing ever again. And no more incomplete forms; it’s impossible for customers to submit an e-Signed document if any field is missing.

No. 4: They want top-level safety and security. No more worrying about private documents lying around. All documents signed with InsureSign are digitally tamper-proof, securely transmitted, and come with complete audit trails.

Thanks to all the awesome insurance professionals who’ve chosen us for e-Signing with InsureSign Mobile, it’s our pleasure to be of service to you.