Top Nine Digital Tools for Realtors

This guest post is contributed by Square 1 Group, a company specializing in real estate web design.

The digital revolution has transformed real estate. From streaming video tours to remote offices to mobile-friendly map searches, enterprising agents have a whole new universe of possibilities when it comes to conducting business and connecting with clients.

In this post, we’ll show you the top nine digital tools for realtors, so you can take full advantage of the tech innovation driving the real estate market.Digital Tools for realtors

  1. Matterport

Professional-quality photo galleries are already standard on real estate websites, but they’re rapidly being overtaken by the next new thing: virtual tours! 3D digital imaging is a major asset to any real estate agency trying to generate leads online, allowing you to showcase properties to buyers and showcase your tech and marketing savvy to sellers looking for expert representation. We like Matterport because it combines an intuitive interface with stellar design.

  1. InsureSign

Signatures are a non-negotiable part of real estate transactions, but Insuresign helps you take the grunt work out of paperwork. Insuresign boasts unlimited documents, signatures, and templates per month. Developed for convenience, it’s easy to use across multiple devices including tablets and smartphones. An invaluable tool for any agent managing time-sensitive real estate transactions remotely

     3. Evernote

Real estate agents have to keep track of innumerable small scraps of information, many collected on the fly over the course of a busy day. Evernote helps you file and manage your notes, giving you a single organized virtual desktop where you can archive notes on any subject. Sketches for your website? Notes for a blog post? Contact info for a client you met standing in line to order lunch? Evernote keeps it safe for you.

    4. Skitch

Skitch is a new tool created by Evernote, and we love it so much we wanted to give it its own spot on this list. Evernote was built to hold the miscellaneous scraps of paper that are so difficult to file. Skitch was designed to make it super easy to make marks on images. Making your client a map? Just grab a screenshot from Google Earth and draw the route before you shoot it over to them. Or say your client has asked you to check in with the seller about part of the interior – snap a photo, jot down some quick notes, and archive it for your file.

    5. Curb Call

You know how it important it is to capture client interest with a rapid response. Curb Call is like Lyft for real estate agents. It will send you a notification if there’s a client wanting to tour a nearby listing ASAP. If you’re not available, you can hit a red “panic” button that notifies your team members so that someone else can step in.

   6. Open Home Pro

Open houses give you the opportunity to collect information from a crowd of leads. Open Home Pro helps you manage every piece of info you collect. No more data entry at day’s end, no more illegible signatures on your sign-in sheets, and no more tedious guest lists. Open Home Pro manages your open house address book from start to finish.

   7. Contactually

Customer relationship management software is a must-have for entrepreneurs whose business depends on cultivating leads. Contactually goes further than managing your leads and contacts – it manages your relationships, scheduling reminders and notifications so that you never miss a step.

   8. Placester

Successful real estate websites incorporate IDX search function, which pulls listing data from your MLS so that clients can easily search for properties on your site. IDX web builders are an enormous asset, but they can come with a steep price tag. We like Placester because it offers you the same slick, user-friendly functionality at a fraction of the price. It also uses WordPress, the current standard for website platforms.

    9. BombBomb

Email marketing allows you to reach hundreds of clients at a time, but part of that efficiency comes at the cost of personal connection. Bring personality back into digital communication with video email communiques! BombBomb lets you record, send, and track video email – and if you can use a smartphone and an email account, you’ll have no trouble operating this user-friendly app like a pro.

About the Author: Square 1 Group is a boutique web development team based in Los Angeles, California. Our design and digital marketing expertise makes us an ideal fit for real estate agencies looking to expand their business online. We provide all our clients with individualized support and maintenance, online marketing services, and content creation, and we are passionate about delivering premium quality at an affordable price.