Meet an InsureSign User: Tressa Bocskey

We recently caught up with Tressa Bocskey, one of our long-time users and VP of marketing and sales for First Florida Insurance to learn more about her experiences with our eSignature software.

InsureSign: What brought you to InsureSign?

Tressa: I was the corporate trainer at “We Insure Florida,” and we learned about InsureSign from FAIA. We were using another eSignature company at the time. We decided to give InsureSign a shot, and I helped set up more than 100 insurance agents across Florida, and trained them to use InsureSign.

InsureSign: How was it training 100 agents to use our eSignatures?

Tressa: It was very easy. The InsureSign training videos are excellent. Because I was in Jacksonville, training agents all over Florida, I could simply direct them to the training video first, and then answer any questions. However, I had very few questions from agents after the videos.

InsureSign: Do you feel like the agents were accepting of InsureSign as a new technology?

Tressa: Absolutely, especially since I know how much agents typically dislike change. A lot of agents put up a little bit of a fight in the beginning, but – after watching the training video and learning that FAIA endorsed it – they were on board.

InsureSign: How did the agents find setting up their first documents for signing?

Tressa: They found it extremely easy. It’s simple. Just click a link, type in your name and email – and you’re done. And I love that you can pull up any document you’d like signed, and InsureSign is set up as your default printer. Once you click the document, you can place your signature fields where you need them, and you’re finished.

InsureSign: What have you enjoyed most about InsureSign?

Tressa: I write all over Florida, and – just last week – I serviced three policies in the Naples, Fla., area, which is 300 or 400 miles away from my office. I was able to bind all of the policies, and send them to the client – and I had them signed and back in 15 minutes.

I also like that I can use my own waiver and rejection forms, and my own applications. And I really like the templates because I don’t have to place the signature fields on the same types of applications every single time.

InsureSign: Has InsureSign changed the way you service customers?

Tressa: Absolutely, I’d still be chasing down applications if it wasn’t for InsureSign. For example, this gentleman lived in NY, and had properties in SE Florida (and I’m in NE Florida). It was huge because he was able to sign on a smart phone, and the signed document was quickly filed.

It’s also fail proof. I don’t get the application back until it’s completely signed by the customer. I don’t have to worry about chasing down the customer to add a missing initial where he forgot to sign. That’s a huge feature for agents because the underwriter will look for that initial or that “i” that’s not dotted, and then you have to track that down.

InsureSign: Great, thanks for talking with us today, Tressa.