VP increases company efficiency with InsureSign

A veteran in the insurance industry, Joel Blitzer is currently the VP of Commercial Lines at Brooks-Waterburn in New York. From co-creating his agency’s “Laundromat Success Program” to mastering agency technology, Joel leads many of the company’s efforts to develop programs and increase company efficiency.

We recently caught up with Joel to learn about how InsureSign has affected the way Brooks-Waterburn services its customers.

InsureSign: How’d you first learn about us?

Joel: About three years ago, I learned about InsureSign at a Vertafore convention in Nashville. We were one of the early agencies to start using an e-signature software.

InsureSign: How’d Brooks-Waterburn secure customer signatures before InsureSign?

Joel: We did things the old-fashion way. Emailing, faxing and mailing documents for signing.

InsureSign: What was it like when you first introduced InsureSign to your team?

Joel: The team thought it was great, they jumped on board right away. From the beginning, our staff shared that InsureSign was easy to use and a big time saver. They loved that following up on unsigned documents was automated.

InsureSign: Can you tell us a little about how InsureSign has improved the way you service customers?

Joel: With InsureSign, everything is definitely faster and more accurate. Every document is signed where it needs to be. Our documents go out for signing, come back in and nothing ever has to get printed out. Plus, we have a secure audit trail showing when the documents were opened. No more sticky notes needed telling customers to “Sign here.” After our customers use InsureSign one time, they love it.

InsureSign: How have your customers reacted to InsureSign?

Joel: All positive, it shows them we’re offering them the latest technology to make their lives easier. Many of our clients work all day, so it’s great that they can sign on their mobile devices or tablets from anywhere.

InsureSign: Anything else you’ve found about InsureSign that you’ve enjoyed?

Joel: Yes, the customer service is fantastic. We always get a response right away. It works completely as advertised, and we’ve been very happy with the platform over the last few years.

InsureSign: Thanks Joel, we’re proud to call Brooks-Waterburn our client, and thanks for taking the time to talk with us.