Why CPAs and tax professionals need an e-signature tool this April

tax professionals and cpas e-signature

Spring has officially sprung, but if you’re a tax professional or accountant, you know that comes as a mixed blessing. 

With tax day just around the corner, we know your workload is crazy as millions look to get their taxes filed by April 15.

Instead of bending to the chaos of the season, take back your time by utilizing productivity aids. E-signature software like InsureSign (the No. 1 software for usability) makes the signing process simpler and more efficient, freeing up time for you to focus on getting your clients their biggest refunds yet.

Here are four benefits to incorporating e-signatures into your filing process this tax season:

  1. Reduce refund turnaround time for your clients. In 2018, the IRS updated its policies to begin accepting e-signatures on returns and official tax documents. Because of the overwhelming number of returns they’re expecting to receive this year, the government is actively encouraging users to e-sign their documents to expedite the refund process. Happier IRS. Happier customers. Happier you.
  1. No more worrying about lost documents. With such a large quantity of files to keep track of, it’s important to have one location to confidently store everything. By switching to InsureSign, your signed files are automatically stored in one convenient location for easy retrieval down the road. Gone are the days of searching for files on a crowded hard drive or sorting through hard copies hoping that something didn’t get misplaced.
  1. Say goodbye to long turnaround times. With InsureSign, there’s no need to find a time to meet your clients in person or wait for documents to be printed, signed, scanned and sent back over email. Our software allows you to set up and send your first document for e-signing in minutes. Your clients can then sign and send back their documents from anywhere, on any device, in just a few clicks
  2. Keep client information secure.Your clients are trusting you to keep their personal information safe. With InsureSign, you can provide them with peace of mind by setting password requirements to the signing process. You can also rest assured knowing that all documents are retained in the highest-tier data centers and come with an IRS-compliant audit trail.

Ready to simplify tax season with an e-signature software? Start a risk-free 14-day trial of InsureSign today.